• Simple and engaging gameplay
  • High RTP
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Provably fair
  • Exclusive to MyStake Casino
  • Limited availability
  • Potential for addictive gameplay

MySyake Chicken Game Review

MyStake Casino has made a name for itself in the online gambling world by offering players an exciting selection of casino games. One of its most popular titles is the Chicken game, an intensely addictive game of chance that has taken the internet by storm. In this comprehensive 2000 word guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about mastering the Chicken game on MyStake and maximizing your chances of walking away with juicy winnings.

Chicken MyStake Fact Sheet

Here’s a quick overview of the key features of Chicken MyStake, the ultimate chicken game experience:

  • Exclusive to MyStake Casino
  • Simple and engaging gameplay
  • High RTP of 99.5%
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Generous €1,500 welcome bonus at MyStake Casino
  • Provably fair technology for a transparent gaming experience
MyStake Chicken Review

Understanding the Basics

The premise of the Chicken game is relatively straightforward. Players are presented with a 5×5 grid of facedown cards. Flipping over a card reveals either a chicken or a bone. The objective is to uncover as many chickens as possible without running into a bone, which ends the game.

With every chicken you discover, your “multiplier” increases exponentially. This multiplier determines your potential payout. Finding all 25 chickens rewards you with the maximum possible multiplier and a chance at claiming the lucrative jackpot prize. Of course, the more bones in play, the harder it becomes to uncover all the chickens. This is where strategy comes in.

Before starting a round, you get to determine how many bones are mixed in with the chickens, between 1 and 24. Setting a higher number of bones means a bigger potential payout but also a higher degree of difficulty. Finding the right risk-reward balance is key to mastering this mini-game.

100% Match Deposit Bonus Up to €1000
Up to €1,305 depending on game type.
Up to 500%
Welcome Bonus: 200% Up to $1000
100% up to €100 + 50 FS

Gameplay and Rules

During gameplay, a multiplier tracker on the left side of the screen displays your current multiplier amount. This number soars rapidly with every chicken found. You can choose to “Cash Out” at any point to lock in your winnings. However, letting the game continue could lead to an even bigger payout.

Uncovering a dreaded bone at any point stops the round immediately, causing you to lose all potential winnings. The maximum possible multiplier differs based on the number of selected bones. For 1 bone, the max multiplier is x20,000, while 24 bones can result in an insane x10,000,000 multiplier!

Of course, these astronomical figures represent the upper limits. Realistically, cashing out in the x5 to x100 zone tends to be a prudent move. Knowing when to settle for your existing multiplier is an acquired skill.

One important rule to note is that your bet amount does not impact your potential multiplier in any way. Whether you wager $0.20 or $100 per round, the same multipliers are in play. Your bet only determines how much you take home if and when you choose to cash out. This makes the Chicken game accommodating for all bankroll sizes.

Chicken Game

Game Features and Visuals

MyStake has developed an slick, aesthetically pleasing interface for the Chicken game. The background depicts a barnyard landscape while cartoon chicken characters adorn the cards. An ambient soundtrack lends an immersive, lighthearted vibe.

The gameplay unfolds smoothly, with cards flipping over instantly when selected. Multiplier increases are highlighted by bright colors and fluid animations. Overall, both visuals and audio ooze polish and enhance the gaming experience.

An especially player-friendly feature is the ability to play free demo versions without spending any actual cash. This lets you familiarize yourself with the dynamics risk-free. Once ready to transition to real money play, MyStake supports numerous payment methods for convenient account funding.

One minor limitation is the lack of a dedicated mobile app. However, the mobile browser version works flawlessly. Therefore, Chicken enthusiasts can get their fix on desktop or mobile with equal ease.

Quick Tips for Beginners

If you’re an absolute beginner prepping for your first real money session, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start with 1 to 5 bones only to get a hang of the mechanics in a lower risk setting
  • Cash out your multiplier once it hits the 5x to 15x range initially
  • Analyze past round outcomes before deciding bone numbers and cash-out points
  • Learn basic probability to estimate risk vs reward more accurately
  • Don’t hesitate trying the free demo first to build experience

Stick to these basic guidelines as you come to grips with the Chicken game. Over time you can graduate to more nuanced approaches for better results.

MyStake Chicken Money Game

Advanced Tips and Strategies

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into some next-level gameplay strategies for boosting your success.

Probability Analysis

Since uncovering chickens increases your multiplier while bones cut it short, tracking probabilities is enormously useful. For instance, if starting a round with 5 bones, your chance of hitting a chicken on the first selection is 20/25. After each card, update the probability and make your next pick accordingly.

While the outcomes remain ultimately random, having an idea of the current likelihoods helps inform decisions. Do you cash out at 10x with a 60% chance of finding the next chicken? Or risk it all for bigger gains? Let probability guide you.

Adaptive Risk Management

Closely tied to probability is dynamically managing risk vs reward. Early on, when there are many cards remaining, take on higher risk for better long term gains. Be more cautious when your multiplier enters the double digits. Consider safeguarding your earnings once the grid starts running low on cards.

Additionally, when you have a high multiplier, avoid corners and edges where the risk of uncovering a bone is greater. Favor picks toward the middle instead. Adjust your risk tolerance level at every step depending on circumstances. Keep making calculated decisions to optimize outcomes.

Game History Analysis

The Chicken game has an extensive history with hundreds of thousands of rounds played so far. Leveraging past play data can prove useful.

Study previous game results to spot any recurring patterns or trends. For instance, are certain grid locations more likely to harbor chickens than others? Does the first pick tend to set the tone for that round’s luck? Identify and incorporate meaningful insights from historical stats into your own gameplay.

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Community Engagement

Due to the Chicken game’s popularity, vibrant player communities have sprung up across forums and social channels. Tap into the collective wisdom of experienced gamers by participating in discussions and Strategy sharing.

Follow Chicken influencers for inspiration. Also Consider streaming your gameplay and inviting viewer perspectives. Leverage the power of community to accelerate your learning curve. Who knows – you might even end up mentoring novice gamers someday!

Responsible Gaming Habits

While chasing big payouts in the Chicken game can be exhilarating, foster responsible gaming habits as well. Set clear limits on rounds played, total stakes, and time invested per session. Stick to predetermined thresholds instead of getting carried away in the heat of the moment.

Also refrain from “chasing losses” after an unsuccessful stretch by throwing good money after bad. Step away and restart fresh later with a calm mindset. Prioritizing sensible conduct prevents things from spiraling out of control.

Bonus Perks and Promotions

To reward loyal players, MyStake frequently runs special Chicken promotions like free spins, matched deposits, and prize draws. Keep an eye out for these limited time bonus opportunities to grow your bankroll. Referring friends also generates perks through the site’s referral program.

VIP program members qualify for the most exclusive promotions. Perks range from personal account managers to lavish giveaways and events. Those serious about Chicken have plenty of incentive to get in on the action.

Play Chicken Online

Trying the Free Demo

For newcomers still unsure about playing Chicken for actual money, testing the game through MyStake’s free demo mode is strongly advised. The gameplay mechanics function identically minus financial risk.

Spend time getting a feel for the dynamics by playing demo rounds. Experiment with different bone numbers and cash-out strategies without consequences. Once satisfied, transition seamlessly to real stakes play anytime.

Safety and Security

When playing for actual money, safety should be the number one priority. MyStake ensures user protection through 128-bit SSL encryption securing all connections. Account verification steps add further security.

The site holds official gambling licenses from reputable jurisdictions and undergoes routine third party auditing. Server-level protections block potential denial-of-service attacks. Years in business while maintaining positive player feedback further cement MyStake’s trustworthiness.

Rest assured Chicken real money players can focus purely on crunching chickens without worrying about safety compromises.

Chicken Gameplay

The Appeal of Chicken Casino Game

So what exactly gives the Chicken game such widespread crossover appeal?

For one, the basic premise is incredibly straightforward. Flip cards to reveal chickens or bones. Find all chickens to win. The simplicity makes it accessible to all. Beginners grasp it instantly while veterans still find it engaging.

Despite the easy rules, actually mastering gameplay has plenty of depth. Factoring in risk management, probability, cash-out timing, historical data, community tips and more gives a strategic edge. The random element prevents outcomes from ever becoming predictable as well.

Visually the game pops with color, animations and finishes with polish. Auditory elements enhance immersion. The presentation simply clicks on multiple fronts.

Finally, the sheer thrill of chasing outsized payouts acts like catnip. Even grinding small consistent earnings activates the reward system for hours on end. Very few other games stimulate the same buzz.

In summary, Chicken casino game offers the perfect cocktail of simplicity, strategy, dynamism and big money potential. Small wonder hordes flock to MyStake for their fix daily!

Branching Out at MyStake

For all its positives, focusing solely on the Chicken game does limit perspectives. Veterans particularly may eventually crave more diversity. MyStake luckily houses numerous other world class titles worth checking out.

These include mainstay Chicken game casino gaming staples like online slots, blackjack, roulette and baccarat with live dealer options. There are also innovative genre benders like video poker and game show style games.

However, the option bearing closest resemblance to MyStake Chicken is Crash. This popular game similarly entails growing a multiplier exponentially until a “crash”. The dynamics and thrill overlap closely.

Fans might also enjoy mines-style mini games like Plinko, Dice, Limbo and more. These prioritize rapidly compounding wins through simple interfaces. The genres possess plenty of overlap appeal.

When the chicken becomes boring or frustrating, instead of abandoning MyStake altogether, exploring alternate games helps refresh interest levels tremendously. Tackling new challenges rekindles motivation over the long run.

Chicken Game at Online Casino

The Best MyStake Chicken Game Experience

MyStake Chicken doubtlessly provides the defining Chicken game experience, evident through its immense following. Yet plenty of uncovered opportunities for refinement remain, mainly around expanded features.

Introducing side bet functionality around multiplier targets would be enticing. Also, enabling live spectating would ramp up community engagement. Running frequent events and tournaments with cash prizes or merch giveaways might also incentivize activity.

On the visual front, personalizing game environments would strengthen investment. Letting players select customized themes and accessories would up the role-playing factor. These kinds of enhancements could catapult an already hot title to even greater heights.

Of course, MyStake still gets full marks for nailing the basics and sparking Chicken fever in the first place!

Final Thoughts

The runaway success of MyStake’s Chicken game validates its staying power as a top-tier gambling experience. Easy to learn yet hard to master, even veterans stay enthralled by its elusive big payouts.

For newcomers, start by understanding the basics thoroughly and trying some demo rounds. Ease into real money play slowly, setting prudent limits and playing responsibly throughout. Incorporate advanced tips over time to step up your game.

Bask in the vibrant MyStake community but avoid overdependence on external opinions. Ultimately, align strategies to your personal risk appetite. Follow the data but also trust your instincts.

Through sensible approaches, small consistent gains stack up. Who knows – you may even hit the mother lode when fortune smiles! Just don’t let greed commandeer the steering wheel.


What is the MyStake Chicken game?

The Chicken game is an intensely addictive game of chance offered by MyStake Casino. Players flip over facedown cards on a 5×5 grid to reveal either chickens or bones. The goal is to uncover as many chickens as possible without hitting a bone, which ends the round.

How do I play Chicken money game?

At the start of each round, players select how many “bones” to add to the grid, from 1 to 24. Then they take turns flipping over cards, aiming to chain together as many chickens as possible to build a high multiplier. You can cash out at any time to collect winnings.

What is the max payout?

The maximum possible multiplier ranges from x20,000 (with 1 bone) up to a staggering x10,000,000 (with 24 bones). Of course, these represent epic upper limits. Typically cashing out in the x5 to x100 zone is more realistic for average players.

What strategies help win Chicken?

Useful tactics include probability analysis to select cards, adaptive risk management when chasing multipliers, studying historical round data to spot patterns, engaging with the Chicken community to gather tips, and practicing extensively on free demo modes.

What other games does MyStake offer?

Aside from Chicken, MyStake also features popular casino titles like slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Crash, as well as inventive games like video poker, game shows, mines-style mini games, and more.

Is MyStake Chicken game safe and secure?

Yes, MyStake utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption and adheres to all regulatory requirements around safety and responsible gambling. Players can focus purely on crunching chickens without security concerns.

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