• High winning potential with multipliers up to 100,000x.
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay, suitable for both casual and experienced players.
  • Unique features like game history, double bet, auto cashout, and auto bet for tailored gaming strategies.
  • Availability on multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
  • Attractive bonuses and promotions for players.
  • Provably fair algorithm ensures fairness and unbiased outcomes.
  • Secure gaming environment provided by a reputable online casino.
  • High volatility can result in significant losses if not managed properly.
  • The game can be addictive, and responsible gaming practices should be followed.
  • No dedicated mobile app available yet, although it is in development.


Mastering Dino Mystake: A Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Dino Game Experience

Discover the ins and outs of Dino Mystake, a thrilling crash casino game. Learn strategies, explore bonus opportunities, and maximize your winnings with this detailed guide.

What is Dino Mystake?

Dino Mystake is an engaging crash casino game developed by UpGaming, which has gained significant popularity since its release. The game features a running T-Rex attempting to avoid being hit by a meteor, with players aiming to cash out before disaster strikes. This guide will help you become a Dino Mystake expert, providing strategic insights and ways to maximize your winnings.

dino mystake

Dino Mystake

Understanding Dino Mystake’s Game Mechanics

Dino Mystake’s gameplay is simple yet captivating. Players place bets and wait for the T-Rex to start running. They must cash out before the meteor hits the dinosaur, with multipliers increasing as the T-Rex runs further. Here are some key features of Dino Mystake:

  • Auto Cashout for each game round
  • Auto bet next round
  • Double bet per round
  • Game History bar

These features make Dino Mystake suitable for casual and strategic players alike.

Tips and Strategies for MyStake Dino Success

To maximize your winnings in Dino Mystake, consider implementing these expert tips and strategies:

  1. Analyze the Game History: Use the game history to spot trends and patterns in past multipliers. This information can help you decide when to cash out and how much to bet in upcoming rounds.
  2. Employ the Double Bet Feature: Use the double bet option to place two bets in a single round, allowing you to cash out early with one bet and take more risks with the other.
  3. Set Auto Cashout: Utilize the auto cashout feature to automatically collect your winnings once the multiplier reaches your preferred level. This eliminates the need for constant monitoring and ensures you don’t miss out on potential earnings.
  4. Use Auto Bet: Enable the auto bet function to automatically place your chosen bet amount in each round. This feature streamlines the betting process and allows you to focus on strategy.

Dino Bet Game Bonuses and Promotions

MyStake Casino offers a variety of bonuses and promotions for Dino Mystake players. Some popular options include:

  • Mini Games Welcome Bonus: Make your first deposit of at least 20 EUR / USD / BRL to receive a 100% bonus, doubling your funds for playing your favorite mini games, including Dino Mystake.
  • Dino 10 Free Runs: Deposit more than 20 EUR / USD / BRL and receive 10 Dino Free Runs.
  • 10% Crypto Cashback: Deposit using cryptocurrencies to receive a 10% cashback on your negative balance at the end of the month.

Playing Dino Mystake with Cryptocurrency

MyStake Casino supports both cryptocurrency and traditional currency deposits. By using Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies, you can enjoy a 170% welcome bonus for crypto deposits.

Mystake Dino Game

Mystake Dino Game

Withdrawing Winnings from Dino Casino Game

Cashing out your winnings is a straightforward process at MyStake Casino. Simply navigate to your profile, select Withdraw, and choose your preferred withdrawal method. MyStake offers various options, including Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Bank Wire, and more.

Dino Mystake on Mobile

Dino Mystake is compatible with mobile devices, ensuring a seamless gaming experience across all platforms. A dedicated Dino Mystake Mobile App will be available soon, providing enhanced graphics, gameplay, and user experience.

Top Casinos to Play Dino Mystake

While other casinos offer Dino Mystake, MyStake Casino remains the top choice for most players due to its reputation, security, bonus offers, and user experience. Established in 2020, MyStake Casino quickly gained popularity and is now a favorite among casino enthusiasts worldwide.

The Dino Game NFT

MyStake Casino has introduced a unique NFT project for its mini games and crash games, including Dino Mystake. By purchasing a Dino NFT, players can enjoy special power-ups, utilities, and privileges, enhancing their gaming experience.

Mystake Dino Casino

Mystake Dino Casino

Expert Opinions on Dino Mystake

Dino Mystake has garnered rave reviews from gambling experts worldwide. They praise the game for its captivating gameplay, unique design, and innovative features. Players of various skill levels can enjoy Dino Mystake and potentially reap substantial rewards.

Engaging Gameplay and Design

Experts appreciate the eye-catching design elements and user-friendly interface of Dino Mystake. The game’s visuals and sound effects create an immersive atmosphere that keeps players engaged for hours.

Unique Game Features

Dino Mystake stands out from other crash games with its distinctive features. The game history, double bet, auto cashout, and auto bet options give players additional control over their gaming experience, allowing them to tailor their strategies to their preferences.

High Winning Potential

Dino Mystake is known for its high multipliers, which can reach up to 100,000x. This potential for large payouts has attracted numerous players and resulted in several big wins. The game’s volatility and RTP ratio offer a thrilling gaming experience for both casual players and high rollers.


Dino Mystake is an exciting and rewarding crash casino game that offers players numerous opportunities for big wins. With its engaging gameplay, unique features, and expert strategies, Dino Mystake is a must-play game for casino enthusiasts. Sign up at MyStake Casino today and start your thrilling Dino Mystake adventure.

Mystake Dino Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dino Mystake?

Dino Mystake is an online crash casino game where players bet on an increasing multiplier. The objective is to cash out before the multiplier crashes, securing winnings based on the final multiplier value.

What are the unique features of Dino Mystake?

Dino Mystake offers several unique features, including game history, double bet, auto cashout, and auto bet. These options give players additional control over their gaming experience and allow them to tailor their strategies to their preferences.

What about the winning potential?

Dino Mystake has high multipliers that can reach up to 100,000x, resulting in significant winnings for lucky players. The game's volatility and RTP ratio offer a thrilling gaming experience for both casual players and high rollers.

Are there any strategies for playing Dino Mystake?

Some strategies for playing Dino Mystake include analyzing game history, employing the double bet feature, setting auto cashout levels, and using the auto bet function. These techniques can help maximize winnings and improve your overall gaming experience.

Are there any bonuses and promotions available?

Yes, MyStake Casino offers various bonuses and promotions for Dino Mystake players, such as the Mini Games Welcome Bonus, Dino 10 Free Runs, and the 10% Crypto Cashback.

Can I play on mobile devices?

Yes, Dino Mystake's responsive design allows you to enjoy the game on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. A dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS devices will soon be available, further enhancing the gaming experience.

Which online casino is the best for playing Dino Mystake?

MyStake Casino is a popular choice for playing Dino game due to its extensive game selection, attractive bonuses, and excellent customer support.

Is Dino Game Mystake a fair and secure game?

Yes, Dino Mystake is developed by a reputable software provider and uses a provably fair algorithm, ensuring that the game outcomes are random and unbiased. MyStake Casino also operates under a valid gaming license, ensuring a secure gaming environment for players.