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Aviatrix is a new NFT-based crash game that allows users to place bets and rewards those who land at the right time according to the P2E model.
Crazy Professor is an online slot game created by Lucky Elephant.
This is an easy and interesting game in which you need to predict how far the car will go.
The fastest, funiest and the most rewarding game - Shoooot! is live now!
A bitcoin multiplier game is a type of rocket gambling. It differs from other comparable games in terms of gameplay. In rocket games, you are advised to climb aboard a rocket before it hits the ground.
The Goal slot includes thrilling objectives and payouts. Players may anticipate something fantastic with the game's development by Spribe. The Goal slot has simple visuals, so there's little to bring the game to life or express the soccer theme. The only thing that represents the theme is the footballs on the tiles when you click on them.
It's time to soar to heavenly heights with BGaming! Getting incredible wins when you fire the rocket into space means it's time to go! Space XY is a simple but compelling game. Don't put it off any longer: join an adrenaline rush to the stars and make your money.
Fighter is a new multiplayer game by Onlyplay, built on explosive mechanics. In Fighter, you won't find complex rules, intricate plot, and distracting unnecessary details.
JetX3 is an online game designed and released by Smartsoft Gaming. When it comes to graphics, JetX3 has a very unique design and the animated spaceships play the main role on your screen. You can also see stars and planets in the background when your spaceships are shooting to the sky and your multiplier is growing!
JetLucky 2 is a Multiplier Game set on a battlefield over open water. Bet on a fighter jet before it takes off and as it moves forward, the bet multiplier increases, and you must decide whether to cash out or hold on for a larger payout before the jet explodes. Multiplayer functionality allows you to follow the actions of others betting on the same round. May you be victorious!