F777 Fighter
F777 Fighter
Fighter is a new multiplayer game by Onlyplay, built on explosive mechanics. In Fighter, you won't find complex rules, intricate plot, and distracting unnecessary details.
  • High RTP: With a theoretical RTP of 95%, players have a fair chance of getting a decent return on their investments.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Fully optimized for mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Demo Version Available: Players can try the game in demo mode, which is great for understanding the gameplay without risking real money.
  • Unique Bonuses: Features like the refueling multiplier bonus add an exciting twist to the gameplay.
  • Complex for Beginners: New players might find the game's mechanics and betting strategies challenging to grasp initially.

F777 Fighter Crash Game

The F777 Fighter is an exciting aviation-themed crash game released in 2020 by the software developer Onlyplay. With impressive visuals, rewarding gameplay, and the chance to win big payouts, this game has captured the attention of crash game enthusiasts worldwide.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll give you a detailed overview of everything you need to know about playing this popular f 777 slot game.

F777 Fighter

Overview of F777 Fighter

The F777 Fighter incorporates classic crash game elements into its military aviation theme. As a fighter jet takes off into the skies, players must cash out before it crashes in order to win payouts multiplied by the cash out level.

Key features and gameplay elements of this f777 fighter slot include:

  • Dynamic fighter jet animations and visuals
  • Bet amounts ranging from $0.10 to $500 per round
  • Multiplier increases up to 10,000x
  • Chance to win a hidden jackpot prize
  • Refueling bonus rounds to boost multipliers
  • Auto play and auto cash out options
  • Mobile compatibility for gameplay on the go

This f 777 fighter game provides all the exciting volatility and big win potential that makes crash style games so popular. The ability to win payouts thousands of times your bet amount keeps gameplay adrenaline pumping.

💸 Game nameF777 Fighter
🎰 Release dateJanuary 2021
🤖 Game typeCrash (X Multiplier)
💎 ThemeAviation
📈 RTP95,00%
💎 Volatilityhigh
💸 MobileYes
📈 Languagesmultilingual interface
💰 Currenciesall (including crypto)
🤖 PlatformHTML5

F777 Fighter Crash Game: RTP and Volatility

The F777 Fighter game boasts a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 95%. This means that, on average, players can expect a return of $95 for every $100 spent. Although this RTP may not be the highest among crash games, it does offer favorable conditions for potentially high rewards.

The game is also classified as having high volatility. This indicates that while substantial wins are possible, significant losses can also occur, making the game more suited for players who are comfortable with a higher risk-reward ratio.

F777 Fighter Gameplay Mechanics

Military buffs will delight in the rich audio and visuals that intensify the F777 Fighter gaming experience. Gracefully, the fighter jet ascends into the heavens, propelled by flaming engines that the game developer intricately designed for a one-of-a-kind appeal.

Upon entering, attention fixes on the prominent leftward screen exhibiting a combat-ready jet. Subsequently, following a random duration, the aircraft detonates and returns to base, commencing the next round.

The objective entails predicting the jet’s flight duration by staking wagers and choosing multiplier bonuses that enlarge as the jet flies farther. Before rounds, simply designate your preferred bet and multiplier.

If one accurately predicts the multiplier pre-detonation, the initial wager multiplies by the set bonus. While mistakes happen, the straightforward gameplay engrosses players for upcoming rounds.

Riveting Animation

Additionally, as players cash out or the jet detonates, animated pilots parachute, eliciting engagement. Emojis also enable players to react to on-screen events during the immersive experience.

F777 Fighter Game Features

The F777 Fighter game offers several engaging gameplay features, one of which is the Refuel Bonus. This feature activates when the main aircraft stays airborne for a sufficient duration, prompting an aerial refueler to appear and refuel the aircraft. This action not only extends the game but also increases the payout multiplier, enhancing potential winnings.

Auto-Betting and Auto Cash-Outs for Extended Play:

For players planning to engage in multiple rounds (around 5-6 or more), the game includes convenient options for auto-betting and automatic cash-outs.

Auto Betting

  • Located at the bottom left of the screen, players can find two betting options.
  • The auto bet feature can be activated for both the base bet and the multiplier.
  • Players can set specific amounts for these options, and the game automatically manages the bets.
  • This feature kicks in at the start of each new round, betting on whether the fighter jet reaches the pre-set wager amount. Players have the flexibility to stop or adjust the auto bet feature at any point.

Auto Cash-Out

  • This feature allows players to automatically cash out winnings at a pre-determined point.
  • Players set a multiplier or threshold for auto cash-out, and the game cashes out the bet when this point is reached or exceeded, removing the need for manual action.

Progressive Jackpot

  • F777 Fighter features a progressive jackpot, increasing in value after each game.
  • There’s also a hidden jackpot, awarded only to the luckiest players.
  • To win this secret jackpot, players must achieve a score of 777 points, a challenging and rewarding goal.

Getting Started with F777 Fighter

Experienced crash gamers will find F777 Fighter’s rules akin to Aviator, with engaging gameplay. Like Aviator, F777 offers big rewards, spurring enthusiasm to learn the game fast. Here’s a quick guide:

Select a Reputable F777 Fighter Operator

This imperative first step requires no research since we’ve already identified trustworthy crash gaming sites above. Simply peruse and pick one.

Access Existing Account or Register

If your preferred casino features F777 Fighter, sign in and fund your account. Otherwise, register by providing personal and contact information.

Locate F777 Fighter in the Casino’s Library

Then access the lobby and enter “F777 Fighter” in the search bar. With user-friendly interfaces, most recommended casinos simplify searches through filters and organization.

Place Bets

Finally, after locating the game, set your bet amount to start playing. While the betting process is straightforward, new players may find placing one or two wagers per round through the controls confusing.

Bonuses for F777 Fighter Players

The game includes a unique multiplier bonus that activates during the refueling process, potentially increasing the multiplier by 20%, 40%, or 60%. Additionally, many online casinos offer bonuses like free spins or no-deposit bonuses, although these might be harder to find. We recommend checking out our list of top casinos for potentially lucrative bonus offers.

Strategies and Tips for F777

While luck plays a major role, there are some effective strategies that can boost your success when playing the F777 Fighter slot:

  • Start with smaller wagers – Conservative bets make losses easier to recover from
  • Utilize auto features – Auto bet and cash out take the pressure off decision making
  • Cash out at milestone multipliers (10x, 20x, etc) – Securing wins at key points offsets risk
  • Avoid emotional chasing – Stick to a set budget for your gameplay session

This f777 fighter game also includes a refueling plane bonus that randomly increases multipliers by up to 60%, leading to even bigger potential payouts.

By managing bankroll, taking advantage of auto features, and keeping calm under pressure, players improve their chances of riding the F777 jet to big crash game rewards.

Demo Version of F777 Fighter

Playing the F777 Fighter game in demo mode is highly recommended, especially for beginners. This mode allows players to familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics and try out different betting strategies without risking real money. Practicing in demo mode can be a valuable step towards mastering the game.

Mobile Gameplay Compatibility

Good news for gaming on the go – the F777 Fighter slot is fully compatible with mobile devices. Thanks to polished HTML5 cross-platform development, you can play directly through mobile web browsers.

That means accessible f777 fighter gameplay whether you use:

  • iPhone or iPad
  • Android phones and tablets like Samsung
  • Windows smartphones
  • Other mobile operating systems

Fast loading times and optimized interface design translate to smooth performance across all devices. With no app download required you can start spinning anywhere with mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Customer Support

While playing F777 Fighter, it’s reassuring to know that reliable customer support is available. The recommended casinos offer professional, multilingual customer service that’s accessible 24/7 via live chat, email, or hotline. They can assist with any issues related to the game, such as delayed payouts or gameplay glitches.

Final Review Verdict

In the crowded field of crash style games, F777 Fighter stands out with military aircraft appeal and large payout potential thanks to its hidden jackpots and refueling feature. Fun, volatile gameplay keeps every round interesting while multipliers reaching as high as 10,000x likewise maintain big win anticipation.

For crash game enthusiasts and slot fans alike, this Onlyplay release offers a complete package. Our final verdict is F777 Fighter absolutely deserves a spot among top casino games in its genre.

Ready to climb into the pilot seat and take to the skies? Visit any of our top-rated casinos to play F777 Fighter for real money payouts today!


What is the RTP of F777 Fighter?

The theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of F777 Fighter is 95%, meaning an average return of $95 for every $100 spent.

How volatile is the F777 Fighter game?

F777 Fighter is classified as a high volatility game, indicating the possibility of significant wins and losses.

Can I play F777 Fighter on mobile devices?

Yes, F777 Fighter is fully compatible with both Android and iOS devices, thanks to its HTML5 technology.

Does F777 Fighter offer a demo version?

Yes, there is a demo version available, which is ideal for players to practice and familiarize themselves with the game without risking real money.

Are there any special bonuses in F777 Fighter?

The game features a unique multiplier bonus during the refueling process and is also compatible with various casino bonuses.

What betting strategies are effective for F777 Fighter?

The Martingale strategy is popular, along with tips like setting a gambling budget, starting with smaller bets, and understanding the game’s multipliers.

Is customer support available for F777 Fighter players?

Yes, recommended casinos offer professional, multilingual customer support available 24/7 to assist with any game-related issues.

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