MexLucky Mines
MexLucky Mines
Mines at MexLucky Casino is a unique and innovative game that sets itself apart from the rest. It immerses players in an exhilarating treasure-hunting experience, where they must navigate through thrilling minefields for potential riches.
  • Simple Gameplay: The game's straightforward mechanics make it easy for players of all levels to understand and enjoy without complex rules.

  • Varied Wagering Options: Players can choose their preferred bet amounts, allowing for a flexible and customizable gambling experience.

  • Autoplay Feature: MexLucky Mines provides an Autoplay feature, enabling players to automate their gameplay, making it convenient for longer sessions.

  • Learning Curve: For players unfamiliar with minesweeper-style games, there might be a learning curve to understand the gameplay and optimal strategies.

MexLucky Mines

MexLucky Casino’s Mines stands out as a distinct and original offering. This game captures the essence of treasure hunting, where players are thrown into the thrill of navigating potential minefields.

About MexLucky Casino

MexLucky Casino, operated by JOGADA DO FUTURO and licensed under the Government of Curaçao, stands as a promising online gambling platform. With a broad spectrum of games ranging from classic slots and live dealer experiences to unique in-house offerings like Mines and Plinko, it caters to a diverse audience. Daily deposit bonuses and an efficient withdrawal system using the RFC key enhance the user experience. The available mobile app ensures that players can indulge in their favorite games on the go. A responsive customer support system further boosts its reputation. All in all, MexLucky offers a comprehensive and enjoyable gaming environment for both novice and seasoned players.

🎰 Game TitleMexLucky Mines
🕹️ Game TypeMines
🌐 ProviderMexLucky
📅 Release Date2022
💲 Min Bet$0.10
💲💲 Max Bet$100
🎁 Bonus FeaturesMultipliers, Autoplay
🚀 RTP97.00%

MexLucky Originals Games

MexLucky’s original games offer a break from traditional casino staples. These games, rooted in simplicity, are engrossing due to their unique blend of strategy, chance, and thrill. They provide players with an opportunity to explore new dynamics in the gambling world, making MexLucky a destination for those seeking innovative gaming experiences.


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MexLucky Mines Betting
MexLucky Mines Betting

MexLucky Mines Casino Game Rules

In the Mines game, the primary objective is to uncover squares without hitting the hidden mines. The challenge and excitement lie in unveiling as many safe squares as possible, thus increasing the potential reward. Before diving into the gameplay, players get the option to decide the number of mines they want on the field. Opting for more mines can increase the game’s difficulty but also enhances the potential payouts. Once the minefield is prepared, players embark on their journey, revealing each square, which can either be a safe zone or a lurking mine. With each safe square discovered, players face the decision of either cashing out their current winnings or venturing further into the unknown.

RTP and Volatility of MexLucky Mines

Regarding the game’s statistical aspects, Mines offers a commendable Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97%. This percentage suggests that for every $100 wagered, players might see a return of approximately $97. However, it’s crucial to understand that this figure is a long-term average and not a guarantee for individual sessions. The game’s medium volatility indicates a balanced risk-reward scenario. Players can expect a decent frequency of wins, which are typically of average size. There’s always the allure of big wins, but they might be interspersed with smaller, more frequent rewards.

Game Interface

The interface of the Mines game at MexLucky Casino is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring both novices and experienced players can navigate with ease.

  • Grid Layout: The central element is a grid, representing the minefield. Each cell in the grid is a clickable square that players can uncover.
  • Mine Counter: Located typically at the side or the bottom, this feature allows players to set the number of mines they want in their game, adjusting the difficulty and potential payouts.
  • Bet Amount: A clearly marked section allows players to choose their wager amount before starting the game. Players can increase or decrease their bet using plus or minus buttons.
  • Cash Out Button: After uncovering squares and accumulating wins, a prominent cash out button becomes available. This allows players to collect their current winnings at any stage of the game.
  • Game History: Some versions might include a history pane, showing the outcomes of the player’s recent games, helping them to strategize their next moves.

MexLucky Mines Bet Multipliers and Payouts

In Mines, the multipliers and payouts are intrinsically tied to the number of mines chosen and the number of safe squares uncovered.

  • Fewer Mines: If a player chooses a minefield with fewer mines, the multipliers tend to be lower since the risk is reduced. For instance, uncovering five safe squares might give a 2x multiplier.
  • More Mines: Opting for more mines increases the potential multiplier. The same five safe squares could give a 5x or even higher multiplier in a field with a greater number of mines.
  • Payout Calculation: The payout is typically calculated by multiplying the player’s original bet with the achieved multiplier. For example, with a $10 bet and a 5x multiplier, the payout would be $50.
  • Max Payout: There’s usually a maximum multiplier limit set for each game, ensuring that the casino maintains a house edge. Players should check the game’s paytable or help section to understand these limits.
How to Play MexLucky Mines
How to Play MexLucky Mines

Bonuses for MexLucky Mines Players

MexLucky Casino is known for its generous incentives, and the Mines game is no exception. One of the most attractive bonuses on offer for Mines players is the substantial deposit bonus.

  • $3000 Deposit Bonus: When players decide to dive into the Mines game, they are greeted with a remarkable opportunity. By making a deposit, players can avail of a bonus that goes up to $3000. This bonus significantly bolsters the player’s bankroll, giving them more chances to play and win.
  • Bonus Terms: As with all casino bonuses, there are specific terms and conditions to keep in mind. Players should always ensure they understand the wagering requirements and other associated terms before availing of the bonus.

Starting Playing MexLucky Mines

For those eager to embark on the Mines adventure at MexLucky Casino, here’s a simple guide to get started:

  1. Registration: First and foremost, players need to sign up or log in to their MexLucky Casino account.
  2. Navigate to Mines: Browse through the casino’s game library and locate the Mines game.
  3. Set Your Bet: Once the game loads, players will have the option to choose their preferred bet amount. This is done using the bet adjustment tools on the interface.
  4. Choose Number of Mines: Decide on the number of mines you’d like in the game. Remember, more mines increase both the risk and potential reward.
  5. Uncover Squares: With the settings in place, start the game and begin uncovering squares on the grid. Use strategy and intuition to avoid mines and maximize your wins.
  6. Cash Out or Continue: After each successful uncovering of a safe square, decide whether to cash out the current winnings or proceed further in search of higher rewards.

Strategies and Tips for Winning at MexLucky Mines

To succeed in MexLucky Mines, it’s crucial to understand the game’s mechanics before diving in. Familiarize yourself with the grid layout, the number of mines you’ve chosen, and the potential rewards for each safe square you uncover. Setting clear limits is essential. Decide how much you’re willing to wager and how deep you want to go in the minefield, and stick to your decisions without letting emotions drive your choices.

While it’s tempting to follow a set pattern or strategy, diversifying your approach can be advantageous. Mixing things up keeps the game unpredictable and helps you avoid falling into a predictable rut.

Remember that it’s not always necessary to go all the way. If you’ve uncovered a decent number of safe squares and have a good win, consider cashing out instead of risking it all. Staying informed is key to guiding your strategies. Periodically check the game’s paytable, RTP, and other relevant details to make well-informed decisions.

Autoplay Feature

MexLucky Mines offers an Autoplay feature that can be beneficial in multiple ways:

  • Consistent Strategy: With Autoplay, you can set parameters such as the bet amount, number of rounds, and when to cash out. The game will then follow these instructions, ensuring a consistent approach to gameplay.
  • Ease of Play: Autoplay is perfect for players who want to enjoy multiple rounds without manual intervention. It saves time and effort while keeping the game going smoothly.
  • Manual Override: Even when using Autoplay, players retain full control. You can pause or stop the feature at any point to revert to manual play if you prefer to take charge personally.
Mines by MexLucky
Mines by MexLucky

MexLucky Mobile App

MexLucky’s commitment to convenience and modern gaming is evident with its mobile app, offering a streamlined experience on-the-go.

Steps to Download:

  • Visit the Official Website: On your smartphone or tablet, open the browser and navigate to MexLucky’s official site.
  • Find the Download Section: This section will usually provide separate links or QR codes for Android and iOS downloads.
  • Initiate Download: Click on the relevant download button. For Android, an APK file will start downloading, while iOS users might be redirected to the App Store.
  • Install & Launch: Once downloaded, follow on-screen instructions to install. After installation, open the app, log in, and start your gaming journey!

MexLucky Mines Free Demo

At MexLucky Casino, players are given the luxury of trying out games through its free demo mode. This feature allows players to get a feel for the game’s mechanics, rules, and unique features without the immediate need to stake real money. Whether you’re looking to understand a game’s intricacies or just want to indulge in some risk-free entertainment, the demo mode caters to these needs. Beyond just learning the ropes, the demo mode also presents an opportunity for players to refine and test their strategies, ensuring they’re well-prepared when they decide to wager real money.

MexLucky Mines Security

Beyond offering a hands-on experience with their games, MexLucky also prioritizes ensuring fairness and maintaining a secure gaming environment. All games at the casino are powered by Random Number Generators (RNGs). These complex algorithms play a crucial role in making sure that game outcomes, be it a card deal, dice roll, or slot spin, are genuinely random and free from bias.

But MexLucky doesn’t just rest on the assurance of RNGs. The casino undergoes routine audits from independent organizations that verify the integrity and fairness of their games. This third-party verification is pivotal in maintaining the trust of players and ensuring they get a fair shot with every game they play.

Player data is another aspect that MexLucky takes seriously. Employing advanced encryption technologies, the casino ensures that every piece of personal and financial data entrusted to them by players remains safe from potential online threats.


MexLucky Mines stands as a testament to MexLucky Casino’s ability to offer engaging and innovative gaming experiences. With its intuitive interface and captivating gameplay mechanics, Mines offers both newcomers and seasoned players a chance to test their intuition and strategy. The inclusion of generous bonuses, like the $3000 on deposit, further accentuates the appeal of the game. Paired with the assurance of game fairness and robust security measures, MexLucky Mines is not just a game; it’s a comprehensive experience that balances thrill with trust.


What is MexLucky Mines?

MexLucky Mines is an original game offered by MexLucky Casino, where players uncover squares in hopes of avoiding mines and maximizing their wins.

How can I boost my chances of winning in MexLucky Mines?

While the game largely relies on chance, understanding its mechanics, setting clear betting limits, and diversifying your uncovering patterns can potentially enhance your gameplay experience.

Are there any bonuses associated with MexLucky Mines?

Yes, players can benefit from a bonus of up to $3000 on deposit specifically for the Mines game.

Is MexLucky Mines fair and secure?

Absolutely. The game is powered by Random Number Generators ensuring unbiased outcomes, and MexLucky Casino's security measures ensure that gameplay and transactions remain secure.

Can I play MexLucky Mines on my mobile?

Yes, MexLucky offers a mobile app that includes the Mines game, facilitating gameplay on-the-go.

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