Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher, a game brought to life by the innovative Evolution Gaming in 2017, has truly transformed the landscape of live casinos. This pioneering creation welcomes players of all kinds - from casual enthusiasts to experienced gamblers and everyone in the spectrum.
  • Easy to Understand: The game rules are simple, making it accessible for beginners.
  • Variety in Gameplay: With different numbers and multipliers, each spin brings a unique outcome.
  • High Production Value: The Evolution Gaming version boasts high-quality visuals and sound effects for an immersive experience.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Optimized for both desktop and mobile, you can enjoy the game on the go.
  • No Demo Version: Lack of a demo version means you can't practice before wagering real money.
  • RNG Element: As it's a game of chance, there's no surefire strategy to guarantee wins.

Dream Catcher Review 2023: The Definitive Guide to Evolution’s Game-Changer in Live Casinos

Dream Catcher, developed by the trailblazing Evolution Gaming, has revolutionized the realm of live casinos since its inception in 2017. This groundbreaking game is accessible to all – casual players, seasoned gamblers, and everyone in between. A variant of the iconic Wheel of Fortune, Dream Catcher’s enchanting, color-drenched wheel and charismatic live hosts provide an unparalleled live casino experience. Here, we delve into the strategies, rules, and best platforms to enjoy Dream Catcher to the fullest.

Why Choose Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher is the epitome of simplicity, excitement, and opportunity. This multi-player game is streamed from Evolution Gaming’s advanced studios in HD quality, offering an immersive experience. The user-friendly interface, coupled with the live interaction capabilities, transforms your gameplay into a social extravaganza.

🕹️ Game Title:Dream Catcher
🚀 Provider:Evolution Gaming
🎮 Game Type:Live Casino Game
📊 RTP:96.58%
💰 Min/Max Bet:$0.10 / $2,500
🔄 Wheel Segments:54 Segments
🔢 Numbered Segments:52 Segments
✖️ Multiplier Segments:2 Segments (2x & 7x)
📱 Mobile Compatibility:Yes
🥇 Recommended Strategies:Vary by Risk Level

Key Features:

  • Live HD Streaming: Choose between standard or high-definition video.
  • Chat Functionality: Communicate in real-time with players and hosts.
  • Multiplayer Mode: A collective betting environment that ups the excitement.
  • Mobile Support: Enjoy Dream Catcher on the go without compromising quality.
Dream Catcher Casino Game Review
Dream Catcher Casino Game Review

The Evolution of Dream Catcher: A Historical Overview

Dream Catcher’s wheel is not a random invention but a modern twist on a time-tested concept. Originating from the traditional ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming has successfully adapted the basic concept for the digital age. While the first live version of the game was not Evolution’s but came from Betgames, Evolution Gaming added unique elements that make Dream Catcher a thrilling choice for those seeking high payouts.

The Wheel of Fortune gained its widespread acclaim back in the 1970s when TV producer Merv Griffen incorporated it into a game show of the same name. Fast forward to 2017, and Evolution Gaming has modernized this concept, targeting a new generation of live casino aficionados and slots players who are intrigued by large wins.

Dream Catcher Essentials: Know Your Wheel

Before you place your bet, it’s crucial to understand the wheel’s structure and the various payouts. The wheel is divided into 54 equal segments. Of these, 52 are adorned with numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40) while the remaining two feature multipliers (2x and 7x).

Table: Segment Distribution and Payouts

Number/ MultiplierColorNumber of SegmentsPayout
1Yellow23Stake x 1
2Blue15Stake x 2
5Purple7Stake x 5
10Green4Stake x 10
20Orange2Stake x 20
40Red1Stake x 40
2x MultiplierSilver1Bet remains
7x MultiplierGold1Bet remains

When the wheel stops at a multiplier, the game doesn’t end; the wheel is spun again, multiplying your subsequent winnings according to the multiplier value.

Exploring the Dream Catcher Game Interface

The Dream Catcher game interface accommodates various types of players, offering a seamless experience regardless of the device you’re using. For desktop users, the game provides two viewing options. The Fullscreen HD mode is perfect for those who appreciate high-quality visuals and an immersive experience. On the other hand, Classic Mode is ideal for players with limited bandwidth or those who want to view more game-related information like past results and engage in chat conversations.

If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll find that the Dream Catcher interface is fully optimized for smaller screens, ensuring a smooth gaming experience even on the go.

One of the standout features is the presentation of real-time results. Each winning number is shown in a close-up view for immediate confirmation, adding transparency and excitement to each spin. Furthermore, the game interface keeps track of historical data, displaying the outcomes of the last 21 spins on the right-hand side of the screen. This is particularly useful for players who like to consider past trends or patterns in the game before making their next bet.

Dream Catcher Evolution Gaming
Dream Catcher Evolution Gaming

How to Play Evolution Dream Catcher

Placing Your Bet

Simply select your preferred chip size from the options available and then choose the number you predict the wheel will stop on. Your options for chip sizes range from $0.10 to $1,000, making Dream Catcher a versatile choice for both budget players and high-stake thrill-seekers.

Understanding the Payouts

The payout structure is straightforward – the value you win is equal to the number where the wheel stops. For instance, if the wheel stops at ‘5,’ your payout will be five times your initial stake.

Mastering the Multiplier Game

If the wheel lands on either 2x or 7x multipliers, all bets stay on the table. The wheel is spun again, and the number it stops on will have its payout multiplied by the multiplier value. For example, if it lands on 5 after a 7x multiplier, your effective payout becomes 35 times your initial stake.

Smart Betting Strategies

Dream Catcher, a modern spin on the traditional Wheel of Fortune, may be a game of chance, but a smart approach can certainly elevate your gameplay. This guide reveals a collection of key strategies designed to extend your playing time and maximize your chances of winning.

Essential Tips Before You Spin

Strategy Isn’t a Magic Wand

No strategy can guarantee you’ll always win; however, employing a thoughtful approach can help your bankroll last longer and make your playing session more enjoyable.

Think in Terms of Roulette

The Dream Catcher wheel bears similarities to a roulette wheel. So, opt for bets that cover a significant portion of the wheel to increase your chances of getting a return.

Bet Wisely, According to Your Bankroll

Only wager what you can afford to lose. If you’re on a limited budget, stick to smaller bets. Placing bets that are around 10% of your total bankroll is generally a good rule of thumb.

Know Your Risk Tolerance

Your choice of strategy should reflect your risk appetite. Whether you’re looking for extended gameplay or the thrill of huge wins, there’s a strategy tailored to your playing style.

Dream Catcher Live Game
Dream Catcher Live Game

Tailored Strategies for Every Player

Low-Risk Strategy

  • Bet Distribution: Place your bets on Numbers 1, 2, and 10, covering 42 of the 54 segments or approximately 77% of the wheel.
  • Wager Allocation: Bet 1 unit on 10, 3 units on 1, and 2 units on 2; a total of 6 units.
  • Outcome: You’ll break even if the wheel stops on 1 or 2, and you’ll make a profit if it lands on 10.
  • Exit Point: Cash out when you’ve doubled your bankroll.

Medium-Risk Strategy

  • Bet Distribution: Bet on Numbers 2, 5, and 10 to cover 26 segments or roughly 48% of the wheel.
  • Wager Allocation: Place 2 units on 2, and 1 unit each on 5 and 10.
  • Outcome: You’ll break even if the wheel stops at 2 and make a profit on 5 or 10.

High-Risk Strategy

  • Bet Distribution: Opt for numbers 10, 20, and 40, which cover just 7 segments or 12% of the wheel.
  • Wager Allocation: Place 1 unit on each of the numbers 10, 20, and 40.
  • Counter-Balance: To offset many likely losing spins, bet 3 or 4 units on Number 1.
  • Outcome: Three units on 1 will break even, and four units will bring in a profit. The high-risk numbers offer the potential for bigger wins but come with more frequent losses.

Where to Play Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is widely available at many online casinos that feature live games. These platforms offer a high-quality, interactive experience that mimics what you would find in a land-based casino. Several reputable online casinos partner with Evolution Gaming to bring you an authentic Dream Catcher experience. You’ll typically find the game listed under the ‘Live Casino’ or ‘Live Games’ section of the website. The best part is that you can enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home or even when you’re on the move, thanks to mobile-optimized interfaces.

Top-5 Online Casinos to Play Dream Catcher
Up to $1000 for newcomers
5.0 rating
120% up to $5.300 USD + 250 FS
5.0 rating
Deposit bonus: 150% up to $100
5.0 rating
+ 300 USD on First Deposit
4.3 rating
100% Up to $500
5.0 rating

About the Demo Version

If you’re looking to try out Dream Catcher without making a real-money commitment, you might be searching for a demo version. Unfortunately, there is no demo mode available for Dream Catcher, mainly because it’s a live dealer game, which inherently doesn’t lend itself to demo or free-play versions.

However, you’re not entirely out of options if you want to familiarize yourself with the game. Many online casinos and platforms allow you to watch live game sessions without wagering any money. This is an excellent opportunity to understand the game’s mechanics, betting options, and the overall flow of gameplay.

Additionally, you can also find a plethora of live streams and video content online, where experienced players dive into Dream Catcher sessions. Watching these streams can offer valuable insights into strategies and gameplay, helping you become a more informed player before you start wagering real money.

Dream Catcher Game Interface
Dream Catcher Game Interface


Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming has rapidly gained a following among casino enthusiasts, both new and veteran. It’s an easy-to-understand, yet captivating, wheel-of-fortune game that brings the land-based casino experience right to your screen. Whether you’re after the adrenaline rush of a big win or simply looking to have a prolonged gaming session, Dream Catcher can cater to different styles of play. With no demo version available, the game maintains its exclusivity and thrill, but newcomers can still acclimatize themselves by watching live streams or gameplay videos.


Is there a demo version of Dream Catcher available?

No, there is no demo version. However, you can watch live game sessions at various online casinos or view gameplay streams.

Where can I play Dream Catcher?

You can find Dream Catcher at many online casinos featuring live games, typically under the 'Live Casino' section.

What's unique about Evolution Gaming's Dream Catcher?

Unlike other versions, Evolution's Dream Catcher offers a more engaging payout structure and gameplay that appeals to different types of players.

Is Dream Catcher mobile-friendly?

Yes, the game interface is optimized for both desktop and mobile play.

What are some recommended playing strategies?

Strategies may vary based on your risk tolerance and bankroll. No strategy guarantees a win, but some approaches may prolong your gameplay and increase your odds.

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