• Engaging Gameplay: Penalty Shoot Out offers thrilling gameplay that simulates the excitement of scoring goals in a football match.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The game features a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for players to navigate and enjoy.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Penalty Shoot Out is compatible with mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go.
  • Relies on Chance: Like many casino games, Penalty Shoot Out relies heavily on chance, which may not appeal to players seeking more strategic gameplay.

Penalty Shoot Out Instant Game Review

Penalty Shoot Out is an engaging instant gambling game introduced by Evoplay development studio in May 2020. Your objective is to outsmart the goalkeeper, successfully score penalties, and claim your prize! The game’s rules are straightforward and accessible to all. Simply select the country you want to represent, place your bet, and begin playing. You have the option to aim for specific areas between the goalposts or leave it up to chance to guide the ball into the net and earn bonuses. Each goal you score earns you a bonus, and winning the entire penalty shootout awards a super bonus.

The game will impress you with its vibrant animations, intuitive controls, and user-friendly interface, while also captivating you with its speedy gameplay.

Welcome to Penalty Shoot Out
Welcome to Penalty Shoot Out

About Penalty Shoot Out Online Game from Evoplay

This thrilling crash game stands apart from traditional casino offerings by eschewing reels in favor of immediate gamble rounds. Here, your goal is to outsmart the goalkeeper and net a goal for victory. Each shootout round comprises five attempts, with the winning team earning a bonus upon scoring. Achieve five consecutive shots on the meter above the reels, and you’ll secure a win worth 30.72 times your initial bet, progressing to the next round of shots. Players should be mindful that if the goalkeeper makes a save, they will forfeit both their initial bet and any winnings from previous successful goals.

Should you feel that the selected national team is experiencing a stroke of bad luck and wish to switch to another, simply press the button featuring two crossed flags to select from a pool of 24 teams. Additionally, Penalty Shoot-Out offers players the option to click on the “Random ball”, which will randomly select a spot within the football goal.

📅 Release DateMay 2020
🎰 Game TypeInstant Game
🎨 DesignSport, Football
🔢 Multiplier5 steps
💶 Min Bet$/€1
💸 Max Bet$/€75
🎁 FeaturesWinnings can be collected at any point during the game.
📊 Special SymbolsDistinctive colored equipment representing each national team
📈 RTP (Return to Player)96.00%
🎉 Max Winx30,72
📱 MobileCompatible, HTML5 technology
🎮 Game ProviderEvoplay

Theme, Graphics and Audio

In Penalty Shoot-Out, players immerse themselves in a vibrant world of football excitement. The game’s graphics are characterized by lively animations that enhance the overall gaming experience, bringing the thrill of the penalty shootout to life on the screen. Each kick, save, and goal is depicted with vivid colors and smooth animations, captivating players from start to finish.

Complementing the visual appeal is the game’s immersive audio design. Background sounds faithfully recreate the atmosphere of a real football contest, with cheers from the crowd, referee whistles, and the thud of the ball against the goalpost. These audio elements not only enhance the realism of the game but also contribute to the player’s engagement and enjoyment.

Moreover, Penalty Shoot-Out’s thematic elements add an extra layer of excitement. As players represent their chosen country on the virtual pitch, they feel as though they are crafting their own football narrative. Breaking through the opponent’s defense to score goals becomes a personalized journey, making every victory feel more rewarding and every defeat more motivating. The theme of national pride and competition elevates the gameplay experience, making Penalty ShootOut a thrilling adventure for football fans and gamers alike.

Penalty Shoot Out Betting
Penalty Shoot Out Betting

Penalty Shoot-Out RTP (Return to Player) and Max Win

Penalty ShootOut draws inspiration from the universally adored sport of football. This thrilling game boasts a generous RTP rate of 96%, promising players a fair chance at securing winnings. With a tantalizing jackpot of 30.72x the initial bet, the stakes are elevated, offering the potential for substantial windfalls. This implies that by placing a €/$75 bet and successfully outplaying the goalkeeper, your potential winnings could soar to €/$2,304. Following each round, you have the flexibility to adjust your bet amount as desired.

Bets and Payouts

While each successful strike can significantly boost your winnings, it’s important to note that a missed shot results in a loss. However, you retain the option to collect your winnings after each successful shot. You can opt to continue playing until you’ve scored with all five shots or choose to stop after the first successful attempt. The payout structure is as follows: x1.92 for the first goal, x3.84 for the second, x7.68 for the third, and x15.36 for the fourth in succession. Achieving five consecutive shots on the meter above the reels secures a win of x30.72 your bet, initiating the next round of shots.

How to Play Penalty Shoot Out on Real Money

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of Penalty Shoot-Out, a captivating instant game available for real money play at numerous online casinos. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to dive into the excitement and try your luck at scoring big wins in this thrilling game.

  1. Select a Reputable Online Casino: Choose a trusted online casino that offers Penalty Shoot Out in its gaming lineup. Ensure that the casino is licensed and regulated to ensure a safe and fair gaming experience.
  2. Create an Account: Sign up for an account with the chosen online casino if you haven’t already. Provide the necessary information to register, including your name, email address, and preferred payment method.
  3. Deposit Funds: Once your account is created, deposit funds into your casino account using your preferred payment method. Most online casinos offer various deposit options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency.
  4. Navigate to Penalty Shoot-Out Game: After your account is funded, navigate to the casino’s game library and locate Penalty Shoot Out. You can typically find it under the “Instant Games” or “Crash Games” section.
  5. Place Your Bet: Before starting the game, decide on the amount you wish to wager on each round of Penalty Shoot Out. Most games allow you to adjust your bet size using the controls provided.
  6. Play the Game: Once your bet is placed, begin playing Penalty Shoot-Out. Follow the on-screen instructions to aim your shots and attempt to score goals against the goalkeeper. Use your skills and luck to maximize your winnings.
  7. Collect Your Winnings: After each successful round, you have the option to collect your winnings or continue playing for a chance to win more. Remember that missed shots result in losses, so play strategically.
  8. Cash Out: When you’re ready to cash out your winnings, navigate to the cashier section of the online casino. Follow the prompts to initiate a withdrawal and choose your preferred withdrawal method. Ensure that you meet any wagering requirements or withdrawal limits set by the casino.
  9. Enjoy Your Winnings: Once your withdrawal is processed, your winnings will be transferred to your chosen payment method. You can then use your winnings as desired or continue playing other games on the online casino platform.
  10. Play Responsibly: Remember to gamble responsibly and set limits on your gaming activity to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience. If you ever feel that your gambling habits are becoming problematic, seek support from responsible gambling resources.
Penalty Shoot Out choosing a shot placement
Penalty Shoot Out choosing a shot placement

Registration for Penalty Shoot Out at the Casino

How to Register for Penalty Shoot Out at the Casino:

  1. Access the Casino Website: Begin by visiting the official website of the online casino where you wish to play Penalty Shoot Out. You can do this by typing the casino’s name into your browser’s address bar or using a search engine to find the site.
  2. Locate the Registration Button: Look for the “Register” button, typically located at the top or center of the homepage, and click on it to initiate the registration process.
  3. Fill Out the Registration Form: Complete the registration form by providing your personal details, including your full name, date of birth, email address, telephone number, country of residence, and full address.
  4. Choose a Username and Password: Select a username and password that are both memorable and secure. Some casinos may also require you to choose a security question for added account protection.
  5. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions: Take the time to review the casino’s terms and conditions carefully. Once satisfied, check the box to indicate your agreement before proceeding with registration.
  6. Confirm Your Age: Verify that you are aged 18 or over by checking the appropriate box as required by regulations.
  7. Complete the Registration: Click on the “Finish”, “Submit”, or “Register” button to finalize the registration process and submit your details.
  8. Verify Your Email Address: Check your email inbox for a verification email from the casino. Click on the provided link to verify your account and activate your registration.
  9. Login: You are now registered and ready to play Penalty Shoot Out! Use your chosen username and password to log in to your account and start enjoying the game.

Logging In to Penalty ShootOut in the Casino

  1. Access the Casino Website: Visit the official website of the online casino where you are registered.
  2. Locate the Log In Button: Look for the “Log In” or “Sign In” button on the homepage and click on it.
  3. Enter Your Credentials: Input your username and password in the designated fields.
  4. Complete Security Verification: Some casinos may require additional security verification, such as entering a captcha code or answering a security question.
  5. Access the Game: Once logged in, navigate to the game library or search for Penalty Shoot Out in the casino’s game menu.
  6. Start Playing: Click on the game to launch it and start playing Penalty Shoot Out.
  7. Enjoy Responsibly: Remember to play responsibly and within your means for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Best Casinos for Play Penalty Shoot-Out Online Game

You can locate the game on several online casinos offering real money play. These platforms typically feature proper licensing, attractive bonuses, mobile compatibility, and a free demo mode, allowing you to try your luck with Penalty Shoot-Out.

Casino Blaze

Enjoy rewards and regular promotions with Penalty Shoot-Out Blaze. The website offers a high withdrawal limit and customer support. To experience Penalty Shoot-Out Blaze, start by registering on the official website. Then, navigate to the search bar and type the word “Penalty”. Here are the benefits of the Blaze casino:

  • 100% deposit bonus up to $/€150.
  • Regular rewards and promotions to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Dedicated customer support to address any questions or issues that may arise during gameplay.
  • Available payment methods include bank cards, e-wallets.

Casino F12Bet

Experience high-quality graphics, exclusive promotions, and top-notch customer support at F12Bet. The casino aims to earn the trust of players in the market through its commitment to exceptional customer service, convenient payment methods, and multi-language support. Visit the website to discover F12Bet’s Penalty ShootOut game, available under the “Originals” edition brand, with a demo mode accessible without registration. Here are some key advantages of the platform:

  • All games are developed using HTML5 standards, ensuring seamless functionality on mobile devices. You can access F12bet slots through your preferred mobile browser or by downloading the F12 Bet app for Android or iOS.
  • Try out the game risk-free with the demo mode option.
  • Benefit from convenient payment methods including cryptocurrencies.
  • Enjoy exclusive promotions and special offers designed specifically for casino players.
  • You, your funds, and your personal data are fully protected. The casino’s website features 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring that third parties cannot tamper with your transactions or intercept your personal information.
  • Receive dedicated customer support 24 hours a day to assist you throughout your gaming journey.
Penalty Shoot Out goalkeeper activity.
Penalty Shoot Out goalkeeper activity

Casino 1Win

Experience the thrill of Penalty ShootOut at 1Win, an international casino accessible to players.

1Win offers an array of enticing benefits for casino enthusiasts, including:

  • A generous new player bonus of up to 500% for deposits not exceeding $/€170.
  • Multiple payment methods for added convenience.
  • A rewarding loyalty program designed to appreciate regular players.
  • A responsive, mobile-friendly interface for seamless gaming on the go.

Start playing Penalty Shoot Out at 1Win today. Enjoy the demo version without registration for fun, or register to play for real money and win big.

Casino Pixbet

At PixBet, experience Penalty Shoot-Out with a User-Friendly Interface and a Variety of Payment Methods. On the official PixBet casino website, search for the word “penalty” in the search bar to find Penalty Shoot Out PixBet. Experience the thrill of taking penalties and try to score goals to win prizes with a user-friendly interface. Key features of the PixBet casino in this game include:

  • 100% bonus for new registrants who make a deposit of up to $/€30.
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation on the site.
  • Free demo option available to practice your skills before betting with real money.
  • Diversity in payment methods, including debit, credit, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, etc.
  • Play on a computer or phone, as the website has a mobile version.

Play Penalty Shoot Out Demo

Playing Penalty Shoot Out in demo mode allows players: 

  • Practice Without Risk: Demo mode allows you to practice playing Penalty Shoot Out without risking any real money. It’s an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, rules, and strategies before placing real bets.
  • Explore Features and Gameplay: Use demo mode to explore all the features and gameplay elements of Penalty Shoot Out. Experiment with different betting options, goal-shooting techniques, and team selections to find what works best for you.
  • No Financial Commitment: Playing in demo mode requires no financial commitment or investment. You can enjoy the thrill of Penalty Shoot Out without worrying about losing money, making it ideal for players who are new to online gambling or simply want to play for fun.
  • Refine Your Skills: Use demo mode to refine your skills and improve your performance in Penalty Shoot Out. Practice your aim, timing, and decision-making abilities to increase your chances of success when playing for real money.
  • Try Different Strategies: Demo mode allows you to try out different strategies and approaches to playing Penalty Shoot Out. Whether you prefer to focus on scoring goals or defending as the goalkeeper, demo mode lets you experiment and discover what strategy suits you best.
  • Experience the Excitement: Even though you’re not playing with real money, demo mode still offers the excitement and adrenaline rush of Penalty Shoot Out. Immerse yourself in the game’s immersive atmosphere and enjoy the thrill of competing against the goalkeeper to score goals.

Where Play Penalty Shoot Out Free

Players can try out Penalty Shoot Out for free on various platforms, including online casinos that offer demo versions of the game. Additionally, overview websites dedicated to online gambling may provide access to free demos of Penalty Shoot Out as part of their game reviews or recommendations. Furthermore, players can often find demo versions directly on the provider’s platform, such as Evoplay Entertainment’s website, where they can experience the game firsthand without wagering real money.

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Connect with fellow fans and enthusiasts of Penalty Shoot Out by joining our dedicated Group Telegram. Share tips, strategies, and experiences, and stay updated on the latest news and promotions related to the game. Whether you’re seeking advice on gameplay or simply want to engage with like-minded individuals, our Group Telegram provides a vibrant community for all Penalty Shoot Out enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with others who share your passion for this exciting game. Join our Group Telegram today and become part of the Penalty Shoot Out community!

Penalty Shoot Out no goal
Penalty Shoot Out no goal

Penalty Shoot Out Hack

Hacking Penalty Shoot Out is not possible because the game is designed with robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access and manipulation. The developers of Penalty Shoot Out implement various techniques and protocols, including encryption and server-side validations, to safeguard the integrity of the game and ensure fair play for all users.

Attempting to hack or cheat in Penalty Shoot Out not only violates the terms of service of the game but also undermines the spirit of fair competition. Such actions can lead to severe consequences, including account bans and legal repercussions.

Moreover, hacking undermines the enjoyment and satisfaction derived from playing the game legitimately. Penalty Shoot Out offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience, and players are encouraged to engage with the game within the boundaries of fair play and good sportsmanship.

Penalty Shoot Out How to Win Money: Tips and Tricks

While success in Penalty Shoot Out largely hinges on chance, incorporating strategic tips and tricks can enhance your gameplay experience:

  • Collect Winnings Wisely: Utilize the option to collect winnings after each successful goal to mitigate the risk of losing accumulated winnings in subsequent shots.
  • Diversify Your Shots: Increase your scoring opportunities by varying your shot placement during the penalty shootout, preventing predictability for the goalkeeper.
  • Observe Goalkeeper Patterns: Pay attention to the goalkeepers’ past movements and behaviors to anticipate their actions and improve your aim. Keep in mind that patterns may not always be foolproof.
  • Know When to Stop: Establish a betting limit and adhere to it responsibly. Recognize when to cease betting to prevent excessive gambling and maintain control over your finances.
  • Enjoy the Game: Approach Penalty Shoot Out with the mindset of enjoying the gameplay, viewing any winnings as a bonus rather than the primary objective. This approach fosters a more enjoyable gaming experience and promotes responsible gambling practices.

By incorporating these tips into your gameplay strategy, you can maximize your enjoyment and potentially increase your chances of success in Penalty Shoot Out.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To play Penalty Shoot Out for real money, players need to have funds in their casino account. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a deposit:

  1. Log in to Your Account: Sign in to your online casino account using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the Deposit Section: Look for the “Deposit”, “Cashier”, “Bank”, or similar option in the lobby or main menu of the casino and click on it.
  3. Choose a Payment Method: Select your preferred payment method from the list provided, such as credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, etc.
  4. Enter the Amount: Decide on the amount you wish to deposit and enter it into the appropriate field.
  5. Provide Payment Details: Depending on the chosen method, you may need to input additional details such as card number, cardholder name, expiration date, etc.
  6. Confirm the Deposit: After providing all necessary details, confirm or finalize the deposit by clicking the appropriate button.
  7. Wait for Confirmation: Most deposits are processed immediately, but processing times may vary. You’ll receive a confirmation message once the deposit is successful.

For withdrawals, the process typically involves navigating to the withdrawal section of the casino, selecting the desired withdrawal method, entering the withdrawal amount, and confirming the transaction. It’s essential to ensure the authenticity of the provided details and maintain a secure connection throughout the process.

Penalty Shoot Out Win
Penalty Shoot Out Win

Mobile Compatibility and Download App

Penalty ShootOut is seamlessly compatible with mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go. Utilizing HTML5 technology, the game ensures smooth performance and functionality across various mobile platforms, including smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, you can access Penalty Shoot Out directly through your preferred mobile browser without the need for any additional downloads. This means that players can dive into the excitement of Penalty Shoot Out anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of installing a separate mobile app.

With its mobile compatibility and no-download requirement, accessing Penalty ShootOut couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the casino’s website using your mobile device, log in to your account, and start playing instantly. Enjoy the game’s immersive experience and try your luck at scoring goals and winning prizes, all from the convenience of your mobile device.


Penalty Shoot Out from Evopay presents an electrifying gaming venture, seamlessly blending football fervor with the instant gratification of gaming. Boasting a user-friendly interface, immersive gameplay, and lucrative bonuses, Penalty Shoot Out appeals to players across all proficiency levels. With its competitive RTP 96.00% and impressive Max Win potential, which is x30.72 your stake, the game not only entertains but also offers the chance for substantial rewards.

Join the Penalty Shoot Out community today and immerse yourself in the excitement of scoring goals and winning prizes. With its mobile compatibility, diverse payment options, and secure gameplay environment, Penalty Shoot Out promises endless hours of fun and excitement. Don’t miss out on the action – experience the thrill of Penalty Shoot Out for yourself and see if you have what it takes to beat the goalkeeper and claim victory!


Is Penalty Shoot Out available for free play?

Yes, Penalty Shoot Out offers a free demo mode that allows players to try the game without wagering real money. This demo mode is perfect for familiarizing yourself with the gameplay and mechanics before playing for real.

What is the maximum win potential of Penalty Shoot Out?

The maximum win potential of Penalty Shoot Out is x30.72 your total bet. This refers to the highest possible payout that players can achieve in the game.

Is Penalty Shoot Out compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Penalty Shoot Out is fully compatible with mobile devices. Players can enjoy the game on smartphones and tablets without any compromise in quality or functionality.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals when playing Penalty Shoot Out?

Penalty Shoot Out supports a range of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, including credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, etc. Players can choose the method that suits them best for seamless transactions.

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