Speed and Cash
Speed and Cash
Introduced in 2021 as an exclusive offering on 1Win, Speed and Cash breathes new life into the traditional crash game format. This contemporary version delivers a sleek and high-speed gaming experience enriched with a variety of features.
  • Special features like Auto Cash Out, stats tracking, chat
  • Wide betting range from $0.10 minimum up to $100 for VIPs
  • Record wins of 500x+ bets possible on big crashes
  • Strong 96% RTP exceeds most classic casino games
  • High volatility means bankroll can drop rapidly during cold streaks

Speed and Cash: 1Win’s Adrenaline-Fueled Crash Game

Launched in 2021 Speed and Cash 1Win modernizes the classic crash game format into a slick, fast-paced experience packed with features. Over 60-second rounds and simple rules quickly hook players, while special functions like statistics and chat foster a thriving community. Between the ease of play and inherent thrill only crash games provide, it’s easy to see why Speed & Cash draws more users every day.

This in-depth review covers everything players need to know about Speed and Cash. We’ll explore gameplay basics, special features that enhance the experience, tips to maximize wins, mobile app convenience, and more about 1Win’s premier crash game title.

Speed and Cash 1Win Review

Gameplay Basics: Primed for Adrenaline Rushes

Like all good crash games, the basics of Speed and Cash 1Win focus on cashing out before an ever-increasing multiplier suddenly crashes. Players bet on the multiplier reaching higher numbers, risking it all if they fail to withdraw before the round ends abruptly. It’s this rollercoaster-esque thrill ride that makes crash games like Speed and Cash so addictive.

Here’s an overview of how Speed and Cash gameplay flows:

  • Rounds last just 60 seconds or less, keeping the action concise and intense
  • Players can bet as little as $0.10 per round, or up to $100+ for VIP status
  • The multiplier increases rapidly from 1.00x, increasing profits for those still in the round
  • Players click “Cash Out” manually to collect the multiplied payout and end their round
  • If someone fails to cash out before a round crashes, they lose their entire bet
  • The multiplier hitting big numbers like 100x or 500x is rare but delivers huge payouts
  • After a crash, players can join new rounds every 5 seconds for endless entertainment
Game NameSpeed & Cash
Launch Year2021
Minimum Bet$0.10 
Maximum Bet$100
Record Multiplier500x
Mobile CompatibleYes
Key FeaturesAuto Cash Out, Player Statistics, Betting Modes, Live Chat

Special Features: Taking Crash Games to the Next Level

Beyond an adrenaline-packed core experience, several special features help distinguish Speed n’ Cash from other crash titles:

  • Statistics Tracking: Comprehensive data on past round results provides insights on multiplier crash patterns. Players can identify the riskiest zones and make informed bets backed by actual gameplay metrics.
  • Auto Cash Out: An automated tool secures player profits by instantly ending rounds when the multiplier hits thresholds they pre-set. Ideal for risk-averse gamers or locking in big wins.
  • Live Player Chat: Thanks to social features integrated directly into Speed and Cash games, players can chat together in real-time and bond over the highs and lows of gameplay.
  • Prediction Mode: An additional betting market asks players to predict interval ranges when they expect rounds to crash. Predict correctly to earn payouts even if they don’t cash out manually.

These innovations help 1Win Speed and Cash feel like a crash game 2.0 — retaining enough simplicity for quick mobile play while testing veteran strategies in new ways.

Odds and Payouts

Leveraging 1Win’s Lucrative 500% Welcome Bonus

New players smartly take advantage of 1Win’s new player welcome bonus targeted specifically at hot casino games like Speed and Cash. By depositing just $150 or more, you qualify for a 500% match up to $800 in bonus funds. This equals $750 in free extra betting balance to amplify gameplay.

While bonus terms do apply around wagering requirements before cashing out, they provide reasonable opportunity to withdraw profits. Combined with Speed n’ Cash’s 96% RTP exceeding most table games, the welcome bonus gives a stellar head start.

How to Start Playing Speed & Cash

Registering an Account

The first step to enjoy the thrilling world of Speed and Cash at 1Win Casino is to register an account. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Access the Registration Form: Visit the 1Win Casino website and click on the “Join Now” button.
  2. Provide Personal Details: Fill out the registration form with your essential personal information, including your name, date of birth, email address, and more.
  3. Accept Terms and Conditions: Make sure to carefully read and accept the terms and conditions of the casino.
  4. Create a Secure Password: Set a strong and secure password for your account to ensure its safety.
  5. Email Verification: Verify your email address as a final step to complete the registration process.

Making Your First Deposit

Once your account is activated, it’s time to fund it and take advantage of the generous welcome bonus. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Cashier Section: Head to the cashier section on the website.
  • Minimum Deposit: Ensure your first deposit is at least $150 to qualify for the impressive 500% welcome bonus, which can go up to $800.
  • Choose Payment Method: Deposit funds instantly using popular payment methods such as Visa, Interac, Instadebit, and more.

Navigating to Speed & Cash

With your account funded, it’s easy to find and start playing Speed and Cash:

  • Locate “Quick Games” Tab: Go to the 1Win lobby and find the “Quick Games” tab.
  • Select Speed and Cash: Look for Speed and Cash among other crash games like Plinko and Coinflip.
  • Engaging Visuals: Enjoy the game’s vibrant visual theme with bright colors and a user-friendly interface.

Playing a Round

Now that you’re ready to play, here’s how to start and enjoy a round of Speed and Cash 1Win:

  1. Adjust Your Bet: Use the slider or manually enter your preferred bet amount, ranging from a minimum of $0.10 up to a maximum of $100 per spin.
  2. Initiate the Round: Click the distinctive “Play” button to kick off a new 60-second round.
  3. Monitor the Multiplier: As the round progresses, keep an eye on the multiplier, which rises rapidly from 1.00x and upwards.
  4. Cash Out Strategically: At any point, you can click the “Cash Out” button to collect your multiplied payout and exit the round safely before a potential crash. However, timing is crucial for maximizing your returns.

Continuous Play and Skill

In case a round crashes before you cash out, there are options to continue and improve your gameplay:

  • Auto Play Feature: Enable the Auto Play feature for uninterrupted rounds.
  • Manual Control: Take manual control, adjusting bets and cash-out strategies round after round.
Speed and Cash Crash Game

Taking the Action Mobile with 1Win’s App

Beyond well-designed desktop gameplay, 1Win also offers full mobile compatibility for playing top titles like Speed and Cash on the go. Thanks to iOS and Android apps every bit as polished as leading betting apps, hours of crash game action fits right in your pocket.

Intuitive controls make wagering, cashing out at key moments, and managing gameplay smooth and seamless — translating the mouse clicks of desktop into simple tap gestures. Multi-tabling support allows playing multiple crash rounds simultaneously for true high roller status. And deposits/withdrawals remain just as easy on mobile for fast access to funds.

While the gameplay itself seduces players, the 1Win Casino app removes any friction to playing anytime, anywhere. Speed ‘n Cash veterans in particular leverage mobile gaming to practice strategies and react to rounds no matter where travels take them.

Gameplay Strategies

While Speed and Cash handles easier than most crash games thanks to automated features, veterans share tips within 1Win’s community to keep winning consistent:

High Roller Strategy

Place larger bets when the multiplier is low in order to maximize potential payouts. Then, shift to smaller bets as the round progresses and the multiplier rises to reduce risk exposure. Many top Speed & Cash players use this tactic of leading rounds with big stakes, then reducing wager size to protect profits while still chasing bigger multipliers. The keys are leveraging large early bets while maintaining balance across the volatile round journey.

Consistency Strategy

Focus bets on lower multipliers between 1.00x-1.50x. While less glamorous coefficients, playing this range provides the most consistent payouts and keeps risk in check. By betting small, players can finish rounds in profit far more often. While chasing huge crashes delivers bombshell wins, smart players know building steady gains round after round builds the bankroll.

Hedging Strategy

Thanks to multi-tabling support, players can hedge bets by wagering on the same round twice. Cash out the first bet early (1.2x-2x) to lock in modest profits and “insure” the second free roll wager. Take on full risk with the second bet by cashing out much later in hoping of a major crash payout. This dual-bet approach provides the best of both worlds between safe gains and shoot-for-the-moon risk potential.

Speed and Cash Game Interface

Tips for Playing Speed & Cash

When playing Speed & Cash, keep these success tips in mind:

  • Know when to quit and secure profits rather than chasing crashes relentlessly
  • Set stop-loss limits to define the maximum amount you’re willing to lose in a session
  • Don’t worry about “winning” every round. Focus on ending play for the day in profit
  • Experiment with different strategies to find which style best fits your risk preferences

The keys are playing responsibly, leveraging tools like stop-losses, and measuring success based on long-term profitability over many rounds rather than individual spin outcomes.

Use Caution with Predictors and Signals

Various platforms advertise Speed & Cash predictors and signals to allegedly guarantee winning rounds. However, no legitimate system can reliably beat the RNG technology and house edge at work in crash games. Predicted outcomes remain entirely hypothetical.

While veterans have developed complex models to forecast crashes, too many variables exist for any simulation to produce certainty. The randomized multiplier patterns and quick 60-second rounds simply introduce too much volatility.

By all means experiment with different strategies, as no definitive approach guarantees wins for all players. But be wary of any service claiming to offer a miraculous crash prediction model or betting signals that earns guaranteed income. While tempting promises, exercise skepticism instead and manage bankroll carefully.

The most reliable way to succeed at 1Win Speed and Cash is through practiced discipline – betting small, securing profits, and leveraging tools like Auto Cash Out. Focus on incremental gains that accumulate over many rounds rather than chasing home run wins. No substitute exists for responsible play.

Speed and Cash How to Start

Key Advantages: Why Speed and Cash Stands Out

Several key strengths make Speed n’ Cash a standout not just among 1Win’s 120+ total games, but at online casinos overall:

  • Huge Win Potential: Succeed timing cash outs on higher multipliers and players can earn 20x, 50x or even 500x their bet or more. Even rounds cashed out in the 25-50x range deliver sizable rewards.
  • Fast Gameplay: Thanks to 60-second round caps, the action moves at an exhilarating pace with no wasted time. Hundreds of rounds per hour are possible.
  • Smart Betting Controls: Auto Cash Out, latest round data, and more allow customizing gameplay strategies backed by actual statistics.
  • Wide Bet Sizing: Bets between $0.10 to $100+ make Speed and Cash accessible for all bankrolls, from casual gaming up to high roller status.
  • Strong Community: Chat features foster a fan community exchanging strategies, wins, reactions, and bonding around their shared crash game obsession.

Thanks to these advantages, over 30% of rounds played at 1Win Casino are for Speed and Cash — far exceeding all other titles. The game continues evolving too, as more players join the thrill ride daily.

Speed n’ Cash in Demo Mode

1Win allows players to test Speed and Cash risk-free via demo mode. This helps newcomers learn game flow, strategy nuances, and gain experience before playing for real money and bonus funds.

To access demo play, register an account at 1Win per usual then navigate to the Speed and Cash game window under “Quick Games.” Click the “Demo Play” button to launch practice rounds using virtual credits rather than actual cash bets.

In demo rounds, gameplay functions identically to real money mode. The multiplier builds tension as it climbs rapidly from 1x, challenging players to time cash outs strategically before an impending crash. Test different strategies for cashing out at conservative multipliers vs pushing your luck holding out for bigger payouts.

Key features like Auto Cash Out, statistics, and chat remain fully active to mirror genuine gameplay dynamics. The key difference in demo play is enjoying unlimited virtual credits to bet without concerns over losing actual funds during the learning curve.

Avoiding Questionable “Hacks” for Guaranteed Wins

With Speed & Cash’s popularity comes attempts by questionable platforms to sell alleged hacks or perfect prediction models for guaranteed wins each round. However, no legitimate system realistically guarantees beating randomly generated outcomes and house advantages in crash games.

These platforms advertise complex simulations declaring the ability to foresee when rounds will crash down to specific multipliers. However, past data does not necessarily dictate future rounds in games dependent on RNG outcomes. Veterans urge extreme caution paying for such miracle black box systems claiming to conquer crash game RTP mechanics. Stick to discipline and savvy risk management instead within 1Win Speed and Cash’s already transparent rules.

The Verdict: An Instant Crash Game Hit

In just two years since launch, Speed and Cash has won a passionate fan base across the world thanks to an irresistible core concept married to smart innovations like statistics tracking and social play. Quick rounds and tiered betting open the crash game format to all player types, while special features reduce learning curves for newcomers to enjoy immediately.

It’s this fusion of accessibility and depth that make Speed & Cash an instant classic rather than just another flash in the pan game. And with 1Win’s trusted reputation for security, big bonuses and 96% RTP rates across its casino catalog, players rightly feel safe chasing big wins.


In just two short years, Speed n’ Cash has become a runaway hit at 1Win Casino. The straightforward crash game format keeps entertainment high, while innovations like statistics and community chat provide next-level support. Quick 60-second rounds accommodate all bankrolls with tiered betting, inviting both casual play or high roller status.

It’s this fusion of simplicity and smart features that make Speed and Cash an instant classic. 1Win’s strong reputation for security and industry-best 96% RTP rates also make wagering comfortable. New players smartly leverage generous welcome bonuses to supercharge gameplay from day one.

For newcomers and veterans alike, Speed and Cash hits the sweet spot – easy to learn while testing skill timing cash outs round after round. With play available on desktop and mobile apps, the action fits conveniently into any schedule. If you’re searching for a crash game that achieves perfect balance between thrill factor and fairness, Speed and Cash is the premier destination.


What is the RTP for Speed and Cash at 1Win?

Speed and Cash boasts an industry-leading RTP of 96% – much higher than classic table and card games. This pays back $0.96 per $1.00 wagered over extended play.

Does Speed & Cash have free demo modes?

Yes, 1Win allows playing free demo rounds with virtual credits. This helps learn rules and strategy before playing Speed & Cash for real stakes.

What's the maximum payout possible in Speed & Cash?

During high multiplier crashes, you can earn over 500x the value of bets. Even wins in the 25-50x range deliver sizable payouts relative to bets.

What welcome bonuses are available?

New players can redeem a lucrative 500% match welcome bonus up to $800 on first deposits of $150 or more. This supercharges your bankroll giving an ideal head start.

Do I need skill to succeed at Speed n’ Cash?

Absolutely – veterans recommend reviewing historical statistics, starting small while learning patterns, setting reasonable profit goals per round, and leveraging tools like Auto Cash Out to help time cashes outs strategically versus relying purely on luck.

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