• The Cluster Pays system allows for frequent wins, making the game more exciting.
  • The option to purchase the Free Spins bonus round adds an extra layer of excitement and potential for big wins.
  • Fruit Party is optimized for mobile devices, offering a seamless gaming experience on smartphones and tablets.
  • The game's features, including multipliers and Cluster Pays, may be complex for some players, especially beginners.

Fruit Party Bonus Buy Option Review

Fruit Party is a slot from Pragmatic Play, released on 21.05.2020, in which we go to a very colorful place where fruits grow at an extraordinary speed. The large harvests of these fruit bunches have led to big wins over the years. The fruit theme is repeated in the games of this developer, with games such as Juicy Fruits and Extra Juicy.

The entertainment has the modern Bonus Buy option that provides an enticing shortcut to the Free Spin bonus rounds. By paying an additional amount, players can skip the anticipation of landing Scatter symbols and immediately dive into the Free Spin action. It’s a fantastic option for those who prefer a more direct path to potential big wins and bonus features, making the game even more engaging and rewarding.

Fruit Party base game
Fruit Party base game

Fruit Party Slot from Pragmatic Play Reviewed

The slot boasts a unique 7×7 reel grid with a Cluster Pays mechanism. To form winning combinations, players need to land clusters of matching symbols both vertically and horizontally. Wins are awarded for clusters of 5 or more symbols, but the real excitement comes when you manage to create clusters of 15 symbols. Betting in Fruit Party ranges from $/€/£0.2 to $/€/£100 per spin, and you can adjust your bet level by using the arrows in the bottom right corner of the screen. Additionally, the game offers an autoplay function where you can set up to 100 automatic spins with win and loss stop limits. You also have the option to end autoplay when you trigger a feature and can adjust the spin speed to your preference, including standard, quick spin, and turbo modes.

📅 Release DateMay 2020
🎰 Game TypeVideo Slot
🎨 DesignFruits, Stars
📊 Reels7
🔄 Rows7
🔢 PaylinesCluster pays
💶 Min Bet$/€/£0.2
💸 Max Bet$/€/£100
🎁 FeaturesBonus Buy, Multiplier Wilds, Mystery Symbols, Nudges, Stack Symbols, Power Gamble
📈 RTP96.5%
🎖 VolatilityAverage
🎉 Max Win5,000x
📱 MobileCompatible
🎮 Game ProviderPragmatic Play

Theme, Graphics and Sound

The entertainment boasts a well-crafted and visually pleasing design. Pragmatic Play, the skilled developer behind this slot, has opted for a straightforward and minimalist game design. Upon launching the game, you’ll immediately notice the perfect balance between unique features and excellent mechanics, resulting in a polished and uncluttered video slot. Everything in the game serves a purpose, and there’s no excessive or redundant elements that disrupt the gameplay. In the Free Spins mode, the backdrop transforms into a serene dusky purple ambiance, with icy reels at the back of the symbols. The accompanying soundtrack takes on a cheerful and tropical melody reminiscent of Hawaiian or Caribbean tunes.

Fruit Party RTP (Return to Player) and Volatility

The slot boasts a decent RTP of 96.5%, offering players a reasonable return on their bets over time. In terms of volatility, this game falls into the medium to high category. Most winning combinations tend to be on the lower side, typically below 30 times the initial stake. However, it’s important to note that the game’s maximum win potential is capped, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Fruit Party Max Win

While the game offers the potential for substantial wins, Pragmatic Play has implemented a maximum win limit of 5,000x your stake per spin or free spin. This cap ensures that players can enjoy the game’s exciting features without the risk of ultra-high payouts, maintaining a balanced and fair gaming experience.

Fruit Party Bonus Buy feature
Fruit Party Bonus Buy feature

Details on Fruit Party Slot Bonus Buy Option

The Fruit Party slot offers a thrilling Bonus Buy feature that allows players to fast-track their way to the Free Spins feature. To access this feature, you’ll need to invest 100x your current bet. Once activated, the Bonus Buy feature instantly grants you 10 free spins, ramping up the excitement and potential for big wins. It’s an enticing option for those looking to dive straight into the heart of the action.

How to Initiate the Fruit Party Bonus Buy

To initiate the Bonus Buy options in the Fruit Party slot and reap their rewards, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose Your Stake: Start by selecting your preferred stake amount for the base game. This will serve as the basis for your Bonus Buy feature.
  2. Access the Bonus Buy: Look for the Buy Free Spins button, usually located at the left side of the game screen, often represented by a unique icon. Click on this button to initiate the feature.
  3. Confirm Your Purchase: Upon clicking the Buy Free Spins button, a prompt will appear, asking you to confirm your purchase of the feature. Be prepared to wager 100x your chosen base game bet.
  4. Enjoy 10 Free Spins: After confirming your purchase, the purchase option will immediately trigger, granting you 10 free spins. These spins can lead to exciting rewards and potentially lucrative wins within the game’s Free Spins.

Ways to Win with Fruit Party Bonus Buy Feature

By following below strategies, you can make more informed for using the Bonus Buy feature in the Fruit Party:

  1. Bankroll Management: Before using the feature, set a budget for your gameplay session. Ensure you have enough funds to cover multiple attempts at the function without depleting your entire bankroll.
  2. Choose the Right Bet Level: Opt for a bet level that aligns with your bankroll and risk tolerance. The buying option cost is typically 100x your bet, so consider this when setting your stake.
  3. Test in Demo Mode: If available, try the slot in demo mode first. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and the purchase of an extra round option without risking real money. Understand how often the feature triggers and assess its potential.
  4. Determine Your Goal: Decide whether your objective is purely for entertainment or if you’re aiming for significant wins. If it’s the latter, be prepared to invest more into the feature.
  5. Monitor Win Potential: Keep an eye on the slot’s paytable and options. Note the maximum potential win in the Free Spins bonus round. Ensure it aligns with your goals before buying the feature.
  6. Set Win and Loss Limits: Define win and loss limits for your Bonus Buy attempts. If you reach your predetermined win limit or exhaust your allocated budget, consider stopping or taking a break.
  7. Use Progressive Betting: Some players opt for a progressive betting strategy when using the buying option. They increase their stake gradually after each unsuccessful attempt until they trigger the feature. Be cautious with this approach, as it can lead to higher costs.
  8. Track Bonus Buy Performance: Keep a record of your purchase experiences, including the cost, number of attempts, and outcomes. This helps you assess the option’s efficiency and whether it aligns with your overall strategy.
  9. Stay Informed: Stay informed about any changes or updates to the slot’s Bonus Buy mechanics, as these can impact your strategy. Casinos or game providers may adjust costs or options over time.
  10. Enjoy Responsibly: Remember that gambling should be enjoyable and within your means. If at any point you feel that the purchase extra option is becoming too costly or causing frustration, consider playing the base game or exploring other slots.
Fruit Party Free Spins round
Fruit Party Free Spins round

Symbols and Prizes

The slot includes various symbols with different payout values. The lower-paying symbols are represented by heart and star shapes, awarding between 20x to 40x the bet when you form clusters of 15 or more of the same symbol type. The medium-paying symbols include plums, grapes, and apples, with clusters of 15 or more providing payouts ranging from 60x to 90x the bet. The highest-paying symbols are oranges and strawberries, where 15 or more oranges grant 100x the bet, and 15 or more strawberries yield 150x the bet. Additionally, the game includes a golden peach scatter symbol that activates the free spins option when you land 3 or more of them on the reels.

More Bonuses and Features in Fruit Party Slot

In addition to the Buy Free Spins option, the game is brimming with bonuses that you can either win or unlock during your gameplay.

Tumble Feature

When you spin the reels and form winning clusters, the Tumble comes into play. Symbols that were part of the winning cluster will vanish from the reels, making room for new symbols to drop down and fill the empty positions. As long as new winning clusters keep forming, the Tumble function will continue to bring in fresh symbols.

Random Multiplier

During your base game spins, randomly created symbols within a winning cluster can receive a 2X multiplier that is applied to the win. If multiple multipliers are present within the same winning cluster, they will multiply with each other, potentially reaching a maximum multiplier of 256X.

Fruit Party Scatter symbols
Fruit Party Scatter symbols

Free Spins

Landing 3 or more scatter symbols triggers the Free Spins, rewarding you with 10 initial free spins. Additional free spins can be obtained during this bonus feature. Depending on the number of scatter symbols (3, 4, 5, 6, or 7) you land, you’ll receive 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14 extra free spins, respectively.

During the Free Spins, you have the chance to land winning clusters with multipliers. This time, these multipliers can be either 2X or 4X. When multiple multipliers combine within a cluster, they can reach a maximum total multiplier of 256X, increasing your potential rewards significantly. The likelihood of encountering multipliers is higher in this feature.

Try Out the Fruit Party Slot Bonus Buy Demo

If you’re curious about the Fruit Party Bonus Buy feature but want to explore it risk-free, trying it out in Demo mode is a smart choice. This allows you to:

  1. Understand the Mechanism: Trying out the Bonus Buy in Demo mode lets you grasp how it works without spending real money. You can explore its functionality, including the cost, activation, and potential rewards.
  2. Learn Strategies: Experiment with different strategies to maximize your extra buying experience. Discover the optimal times to use this feature and understand how it fits into your overall gameplay strategy.
  3. Assess Potential Payouts: By testing the Bonus Buy in Demo mode, you can gauge the potential payouts and see if it aligns with your expectations and goals.

Finding the Fruit Party Demo Bonus Buy

Accessing the Demo Bonus Buy feature of Fruit Party is straightforward:

  • Online Casinos: Many reputable online casinos offer Demo versions of slots, including Fruit Party. Visit your preferred online casino and navigate to the game’s page. Look for the Demo or Free Play mode, which often includes the Bonus Buy feature.
  • Game Overview Websites: Explore game overview websites that provide free play options for various slots. These platforms offer access to Demo versions of the slot, allowing you to try the free play without any financial commitment.
  • Provider Platform: Visit Pragmatic Play’s official platform or website, where you may find a Demo version of the slot. Game providers often showcase their titles for players to explore and enjoy in Demo mode.
Fruit Party big win
Fruit Party big win

Mobile Compatibility and App

Fruit Party offers seamless gameplay on a variety of devices, and you don’t need to download a separate mobile app to enjoy the fruity fun. Thanks to its use of HTML5 technology, this slot is optimized for mobile play, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience on smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re on the go or prefer playing from the comfort of your home, the slot’s mobile compatibility allows you to enjoy the game effortlessly without any additional downloads. Pragmatic Play’s commitment to mobile optimization ensures that players can spin the reels and collect juicy wins from wherever they choose to play.


Fruit Party is a vibrant and entertaining slot by Pragmatic Play that offers a delightful fruit-filled adventure. With its engaging Bonus Buy feature, players have the opportunity to access the Free Spins bonus rounds more quickly and with confidence. What makes it even more appealing is the ability to explore this option in Demo mode, allowing you to test its potential without financial risk. Whether you’re aiming for the juicy wins or simply enjoying the colorful design, Fruit Party delivers a sweet gaming experience with the added flexibility of trying out its Bonus Buy in a risk-less environment.


Is the Fruit Party slot available in Demo mode?

Yes, many online casinos and game overview websites offer a Demo mode where you can play Fruit Party for free.

How does the Bonus Buy feature work in Fruit Party?

The Bonus Buy allows you to purchase direct access to the Free Spins bonus rounds by paying an additional amount, typically 100x your bet.

Can I try the Bonus Buy feature in Demo mode?

Some online casinos and game overview sites may offer Demo versions of Fruit Party that include the Bonus Buy, allowing you to test it without real money.

Is Fruit Party available for mobile play?

Yes, the slot is optimized for mobile devices, and you can enjoy the game on smartphones and tablets without the need to download a separate app.

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