• Includes walking wilds, expanding reels, and the Bonus Buy option, enhancing gameplay and winning potential.
  • Fully optimized for mobile play, allowing for a seamless experience on both iOS and Android devices without the need for an app.
  • Players can try the game for free in Demo mode, including the Bonus Buy feature, offering a risk-free way to explore the game's mechanics.
  • The variety of features and mechanics can be overwhelming for new slot players.

Wild Toro 2 Bonus Buy Option

Wild Toro 2, the latest creation from ELK Studios, immerses us once more in the heart-pounding realm of the wild and relentless Toro. Our initial encounter with Toro harks back to 2016 with the original Wild Toro slot. To commemorate our 5-year anniversary, ELK Studios has unveiled a trilogy of slots, all centered around the iconic Toro theme. This slot introduces us to a Toro that’s larger, fiercer, and more untamed than ever before. Launched on October 5th, 2021, it swiftly captured the hearts of slot enthusiasts with its captivating gameplay mechanics and exceptional artwork.

One standout feature is the Bonus Buy option, which offers immediate access to arguably the most rewarding aspect of Wild Toro 2’s gameplay. Despite the price tag of 5x to 500x your wager, it allows you to bypass the base game entirely and plunge headfirst into the free spins round, where epic cash prizes await.

Wild Toro 2 game screen
Wild Toro 2 game screen

About Wild Toro 2 Slot by ELK Studios

The entertainment unfolds on a 5×5 grid with the potential to expand to a massive 5×8 grid, featuring 259 possible winning paylines. When the reels expand to their fullest extent, this number increases to a whopping 502 paylines, with a total of 8 rows in play. To secure wins, players must align 3, 4, or 5 consecutive matching symbols or wilds, starting from the leftmost reel. These matches must occur along an active payline.

The game caters to a wide range of budgets, offering a minimum coin value of $/€/£0.2 and a maximum total spin cost of $/€/£100. Players can choose their preferred bet amount from 12 available increments using the coin button in the menu. Additionally, an Auto Spin feature is available, allowing for automated consecutive spins in batches of 10, 25, 50, or 100.

📅 Release DateOctober 2021
🎰 Game TypeVideo Slot
🎨 DesignFiesta, Toro, Matador, Bullfight
📊 Reels5
🔄 Rows5 – 8
🔢 Paylines259 – 502
💶 Min Bet$/€/£0.2
💸 Max Bet$/€/£100
🎁 FeaturesBonus Buy, Wild Symbol, Multiplier Wild Symbol, Respin, Walking Wild Symbol, Toro Goes Wild
📈 RTP95.0%
🎖 VolatilityMedium-High
🎉 Max Win10,000x
📱 MobileCompatible
🎮 Game ProviderELK Studios

Theme, Graphics and Sound

The game whisks players away to a captivating Spanish setting, immersing them in the charm of a market town adorned with intricate details. The game’s visual design boasts an intelligent color palette, featuring vibrant red tones juxtaposed with darker shades, creating a visually appealing Spanish aesthetic. As a sequel to the original slot, Wild Toro 2 takes everything that fans adored about the first installment to the next level. The expanded 5×5 reel format and meticulously crafted backgrounds showcase impeccable graphical quality, particularly evident in the expertly rendered Toro and Matador symbols. Complementing this visual splendor is the exceptional Spanish music that accompanies the gameplay. The soundtrack seamlessly transitions between light, upbeat rhythms and the soul-stirring melodies of flamenco guitars, providing an authentic soundscape rarely encountered in slot games. From its artistry to its audio, Wild Toro 2 leaves no stone unturned in creating a culturally rich Spanish environment and an overall sequel that exceeds the expectations of both players and the original developers themselves.

Wild Toro 2 RTP (Return to Player)

The slot comes with a RTP percentage of 95%, meaning that, on average, for every $/€/£100 wagered over a vast number of spins, players can anticipate receiving $/€/£95 in winnings. While this 95% RTP rate is slightly below the industry average, it still falls within the typical range for ELK Studios’ online slots. To provide context, the original Wild Toro slot featured a higher RTP of 96.4%. It’s worth noting that RTP offers a theoretical insight into a slot’s overall payout potential.


The game is categorized as having a medium-high volatility level, approximately 7 out of 10, placing it in the medium to high volatility range. Volatility reflects the frequency of wins and their potential size. Higher volatility slots tend to yield wins less frequently on average, but when they do, the payouts are typically more substantial compared to low volatility games. Therefore, players can anticipate intermittent periods without wins, interspersed with substantial windfalls, rather than a continuous flow of minor victories.

Wild Toro 2 Maximum Win

The slot offers 259 paylines, but they can expand up to 502 as the reels grow in size. With an impressive maximum win potential of 10,000x your initial bet, the one offers the chance for substantial rewards.

Wild Toro 2 Bonus Buy options in X-iter mode
Wild Toro 2 Bonus Buy options in X-iter mode

Discover the Wild Toro 2 Bonus Buy Options

The slot introduces an exhilarating X-iter feature, revolutionizing player engagement by offering the ability to jump straight into one of five distinct gameplay modes, each designed to customize the gaming experience. From a minimal 5x wager guaranteeing a win to the extraordinary 500x Super Feature, this tool provides a range of experiences. The premiere Super Feature escalates the excitement with stacked sticky wilds and Persistent Super Multipliers during free spins, setting the stage for potentially enormous rewards. The X-iter functionality enriches the game by skipping the traditional play and leading players directly into bespoke bonus scenarios, significantly enhancing entertainment value and the probability of securing monumental wins.

The X-iter feature presents various betting options, enabling players to activate particular game conditions directly. The options and their advantages include:

  • 100% Win: Guarantees a win in the next round for five times your initial wager.
  • Sticky Wilds: Delivers a spin with a guaranteed Expanding Matador Respin for 25x the stake, during which any wilds that appear will stay in place.
  • Bonus: Secures entry to the Toro Goes Berzerk feature at 100x the bet.
  • Big Bonus: Awards three spins featuring at least one Expanding Matador Respin for 250x the stake, with wilds turning sticky and reels expanding to remain so between spins.
  • Super Bonus: Enhances the Big Bonus by including the highest multiplier achieved in a spin along with any Gold Matador multiplier in subsequent spins, available for 500x the original bet.

Triggering the Wild Toro 2 Bonus Buy in X-iter Mode

To trigger the Bonus Buy Feature within X-iter Mode in the slot, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the slot on your chosen online casino site.
  2. Verify the presence of X-iter Mode, as it might not be included in all variations of the game. If the Mode is accessible, navigate to it via the game’s menu or settings.
  3. Upon selecting the Feature, you’ll be shown various extra options, each with differing costs and perks. Options could range from a guaranteed win round to Sticky Wilds, with each requiring a certain bet amount as cost.
  4. Pick the extra option you desire to activate within the Bonus Buy Feature, paying attention to the cost involved.
  5. Confirm your choice, and the Bonus Buy Feature will activate, ushering you into the selected free play round along with its benefits.

How to Effectively Use the Bonus Buy Option

The slot offers players an innovative way to enhance their gaming experience through the Bonus Buy option, part of the exclusive X-iter Mode. This feature allows for direct access to exciting extra rounds, bypassing traditional gameplay to unlock potential massive rewards instantly. To maximize the effectiveness of the option, here are some strategic insights:

  1. Understand Your Options: Firstly, familiarize yourself with the different bonus options available through the extra buying option. Each has its unique advantages, from guaranteed wins to Sticky Wilds and expansive multipliers. Knowing what each bonus entails will help you make informed decisions based on your gameplay style and risk tolerance.
  2. Evaluate Costs vs. Benefits: Each Bonus Buy option comes with a cost, typically a multiple of your current bet amount. Assess the cost against the potential benefits of the selected bonus. High-cost options usually offer greater rewards but come with more significant risks. Balance your budget with your desire for big wins to choose the most suitable option.
  3. Use in Conjunction with Your Bankroll Strategy: Incorporate the purchase option into your overall bankroll management strategy. Allocate a specific portion of your funds for Bonus Buys, ensuring that you don’t deplete your bankroll prematurely. It’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance between pursuing extra rounds and engaging in regular play.
  4. Timing Is Key: Consider the timing of activating the Bonus Buy. If you’re encountering a series of non-winning rounds in regular spins, the extra purchase can offer a change of pace and potentially turn the tide in your favor. Conversely, if you’re already on a winning streak, leveraging a purchase of free pay rounds can amplify your wins.
  5. Leverage for High Variance Play: The Bonus Buy option is particularly appealing for players seeking high variance gameplay. These options can lead to substantial payouts, making them ideal for those chasing life-changing wins. However, remember that high variance also means potentially longer periods without significant wins, so patience and a sturdy bankroll are essential.
  6. Experiment with Different Options: Don’t hesitate to experiment with various Bonus Buy features to discover which aligns best with your playstyle and offers the most enjoyment. Each option presents a different aspect of Wild Toro 2, enriching your gaming experience.
Wild Toro 2 Free Spins round
Wild Toro 2 Free Spins round

Symbols and Rewards

The lower-value symbols, represented by J, Q, K, and A, offer a reward of 0.6x your initial wager when you successfully align five of a kind. Conversely, the more lucrative icons include a silver coin, a gold coin, an orange with a dagger, and an elegant rose. Securing five identical symbols of these varieties can yield payouts from 1.2x to 5x your original stake.

Central to the game’s peak moments are the silver Matador (acting as a walking wild), the golden Matador (a walking wild with multipliers), and the Toro (another walking wild), all functioning as wild symbols to enhance gameplay. Additionally, there exists a Wild Toro 2 wild symbol, designed to substitute for all symbols except the Matador and Toro, further amplifying your chances for exciting wins.

More Features and Options in Wild Toro 2 Slot

This slot also boasts multiple bonus features that frequently collaborate to deliver the highest potential winnings.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in this game boosts your odds of hitting winning combinations by replacing other symbols on the reels, except for the toro and matador wild symbols.

Walking Wild Symbol

You may encounter the Toro Wild symbol on reel 5 during your spins. This symbol moves one reel to the left with each spin, granting you respins until it exits the reels.

Toro Goes Berzerk Feature

This feature activates when a Toro symbol and a Matador symbol appear at the same time. The Toro symbol first moves vertically on its reel before shifting horizontally to adjacent reels, leaving Wild symbols in its wake. If after reaching the fifth reel there are additional Matadors on the left, the Toro proceeds in that direction, eliminating any Matadors it encounters. With each Matador defeated, the Toro gains their potential multipliers, becoming a walking multiplier wild that increases its multiplier with each move to the left. Respins continue as long as the Toro is on the reels. If multiple Toros are present, they all adopt the active Toro’s multiplier value. Wins involving multiple multiplier symbols have their multipliers aggregated for the win. The feature ends when no Matadors or Toros remain on the reels.

Expanding Matador Respins Feature

Trigger the Expanding Matador Respins feature by landing one or more Matador symbols, whether they are Black, Silver, or Gold Matadors, on the reels. These Matador symbols then shift leftward with each spin until they disappear from the reels, awarding a respin for every move they make.

Each new Matador symbol that appears adds an extra row, altering the reel layout and increasing the number of paylines as follows:

  • 5 Rows lead to 259 paylines;
  • 6 Rows lead to 340 paylines;
  • 7 Rows lead to 421 paylines;
  • 8 Rows lead to 502 paylines.

Though the Black, Silver, and Gold Matadors have similar movement patterns, they provide distinct advantages. The Black Matador acts as a Walking Blocker, obstructing potential wins without generating any. The Silver Matador is a Walking Wild, aiding in forming winning combinations, and the Gold Matador is a Walking Multiplier Wild, enhancing payouts with a multiplier that increases with each step it takes.

Wild Toro 2 Bonus round
Wild Toro 2 Bonus round

Try Out Free the Wild Toro 2 Bonus Buy Demo

Exploring the Wild Toro 2 slot’s Bonus Buy feature in demo mode is an invaluable opportunity for both seasoned slot enthusiasts and newcomers to the online casino world. This trial phase not only offers a risk-free environment to understand the mechanics of this innovative feature but also provides several key benefits that enhance your gaming strategy and enjoyment. Here are the reasons why engaging with the Bonus Buy feature in demo mode is a must:

  1. Learn the Feature Without Financial Risk: Demo mode allows you to explore the feature without the need to wager real money. This risk-free setting is perfect for getting a hands-on understanding of how the feature works, including the nuances of different extra options and their costs. It’s an educational experience that equips you with the knowledge to use the feature more effectively when you decide to play with real stakes.
  2. Gauge the Feature’s Impact on Gameplay: By activating the purchase option in demo mode, you can directly observe how it influences the game’s flow and your potential winnings. This firsthand experience is invaluable in assessing whether the feature aligns with your playing style and if it’s worth investing in during real-money play. Understanding the balance between cost and reward helps in making informed decisions that could enhance your overall gaming experience.
  3. Experiment with Various Strategies: The demo mode setting is the perfect playground for testing different strategies without any financial implications. You can experiment with activating the Bonus Buy feature at different times or after certain in-game events to see how these tactics affect your outcomes. This strategic experimentation can uncover insights that could be beneficial when playing the game with real money.
  4. Familiarize Yourself with Bonus Options: The feature offers a range of bonus options, each with unique benefits and costs. Using the demo mode to explore these options gives you a clear understanding of what each bonus entails and how it can affect your game. This knowledge is crucial for making the most out of the feature when you decide to utilize it in real play.
  5. Enjoy the Game’s Full Experience Without Waiting: Finally, demo mode with the Bonus Buy feature allows you to bypass the usual gameplay progression and jump straight to the extra rounds. This is an excellent way to experience the full breadth of what the entertainment has to offer without the wait, providing both entertainment and a comprehensive overview of the game’s potential payouts and thrilling moments.

Locating the Wild Toro 2 Demo Bonus Buy

Discovering the slot and its engaging Bonus Buy feature in demo mode is a straightforward process, accessible through a variety of platforms. Here’s how you can find and enjoy the Wild Toro 2 demo Bonus Buy feature:

  • Official Game Developer’s Website: The first place to check is the official website of the game’s developer. Many developers provide free demo versions of their slots as part of their portfolio. This is an excellent way to experience the game in its intended form, directly from the source.
  • Online Casino Platforms: Many online casinos that have the slot as part of their game selection also offer demo versions to their users. By visiting these platforms, you can easily access the demo mode. While some casinos might require you to sign up before playing the demos, others offer unrestricted access to visitors.
  • Gaming Review Sites: Websites dedicated to casino game reviews often host demo versions of slots. These sites provide a great way to try out the game while also reading up on detailed analyses and reviews, which can offer additional insights into the game’s features and mechanics.
  • Affiliate Websites: Affiliate websites partnering with online casinos or game developers frequently offer demo games as part of their content. Searching for the entertainment through these sites might lead you to playable demos along with exclusive offers or bonuses for when you decide to play with real money.
Wild Toro 2 Epic win
Wild Toro 2 Epic win

Mobile Devices Compatible and Application

The slot offers seamless mobile gameplay, accessible on any iOS or Android device without the need for an app download. Enjoy the full suite of features found on the desktop version, including the Bonus Buy option, available even in Demo mode, right from your smartphone or tablet. This mobile-optimized experience delivers sharp graphics, fluid animations, and user-friendly controls, ensuring the same high-quality entertainment on the go. Without a specific mobile app, players benefit from direct access through their device’s web browser, saving storage space and bypassing update inconveniences.


Wild Toro 2 stands out as an exceptional slot game, offering a rich blend of engaging gameplay, innovative features, and mobile compatibility. Its standout Bonus Buy feature, accessible in Demo mode, allows players to directly engage with the game’s most thrilling aspects without the wait, providing a unique opportunity to experience high-stakes action risk-free. This feature, alongside the game’s seamless performance on both desktop and mobile platforms, ensures that players can enjoy the full spectrum of the slot’s entertainment value, anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re a seasoned slot enthusiast or a newcomer eager to explore, the entertainment promises a captivating gaming experience filled with potential for big wins and endless fun.


What is the Bonus Buy feature in Wild Toro 2?

The feature in the slot enables players to directly purchase access to one of the game’s exciting extra rounds, such as guaranteed wins, sticky wilds, or the Toro Goes Berzerk feature. This option allows for instant engagement with the game’s most thrilling elements.

Can I try the Bonus Buy feature in Demo mode?

Yes, you can explore the feature in Wild Toro 2 while playing in Demo mode. This allows you to experience the different bonus options without risking real money, providing a great way to learn the game’s mechanics and potential rewards.

Is there a way to play Wild Toro 2 for free?

Yes, Wild Toro 2 can be played for free in Demo mode on many online casino platforms and the game developer’s website. This mode gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the game’s features and gameplay without making a deposit.

Can I play Wild Toro 2 on my mobile device?

Yes, the entertainment is fully optimized for mobile play, allowing you to enjoy the game on iOS and Android devices. The game provides a seamless experience across all platforms without the need to download an app.

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