• The ability to purchase instant access to bonus rounds adds a level of excitement and convenience for players looking for immediate action.
  • The game offers multiple bonus rounds with unique features, providing diversity in gameplay and potential rewards.
  • The slot is optimized for mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy it on smartphones and tablets without the need for a separate app download.
  • The Bonus Buy feature may not be accessible in all regions due to regulatory restrictions, limiting some players' access to this exciting option.

Buy Bonus in Wanted Dead or a Wild Slot

Step into the untamed world of the Wild West, where ruthless outlaws, thrilling duels, and legendary heists await in the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot. Developed by Hacksaw Gaming and introduced on September 11, 2021, this game offers an immersive experience filled with action and opportunities. Featuring Duel symbols and Dead symbols that trigger adrenaline-pumping features, as well as Wild Multipliers and Sticky Wilds that can lead to impressive wins of up to 12,500 times your stake. With Multiplier values soaring to as high as 100x, the culmination of the Dead Man’s Hand feature is a gripping Showdown that could result in substantial payouts.

Adding to the excitement, the slot offers a Bonus Buy feature that adds an extra layer of allure to the game. With this feature, players can choose to fast-track their way into the heart of the action, instantly triggering the game’s thrilling features and boosting their chances of landing impressive wins. It’s an option that adds an element of control and anticipation, making the gameplay experience even more enticing for those seeking instant thrills in the Wild West.

Wanted Dead or a Wild base game
Wanted Dead or a Wild base game

Review of Wanted Dead or a Wild from Hacksaw Gaming

The slot is set on 5 reels, 5 rows and features 15 fixed paylines. Winning combinations are created by aligning a minimum of 3 symbols from the leftmost reel to the right.

Players have a broad range of betting options, with stakes starting from a modest $/€/£0.20 and reaching up to $/€/£100 per spin. This accommodates both low-stakes and high-stakes enthusiasts. Adjusting your total bet is straightforward – just use the arrows located to the left of the spin button. Additionally, players can enjoy the convenience of turbo spins and autoplay functionality.

📅 Release DateSeptember 2021
🎰 Game TypeVideo Slot
🎨 DesignCowboys, Wild West, Gangs
📊 Reels5
🔄 Rows5
🔢 Paylines15
💶 Min Bet$/€/£0.20
💸 Max Bet$/€/£100
🎁 FeaturesBonus Buy, Free Spins, Multiplier
📈 RTP96.15%
🎖 VolatilityHigh
🎉 Max Win12,500x
📱 MobileCompatible
🎮 Game ProviderHacksaw Gaming

Theme, Design and Sound

The Wild West is often depicted as a barren, dusty landscape devoid of lush greenery, and this slot faithfully captures that essence. As players embark on their gaming journey, they are greeted by the visage of a masked outlaw. Beyond this striking character, the game’s reels are set against the backdrop of a weathered shack, seemingly located on the outskirts of a rustic town.

The entertainment offers a seamless and user-friendly gaming experience, with straightforward controls. However, in terms of visuals, the graphics are quite simplistic, characterized by muted colors and a lack of elaborate animations. In the background, a crimson-hued and shadowy environment is framed by skeletal trees, under the watchful gaze of a colossal moon. The accompanying soundtrack, while somewhat intense, doesn’t match the visual impact, evoking a sense of calm and nostalgia reminiscent of classic Western-themed video slots.

Wanted Dead or a Wild RTP (Return to Player)

This slot boasts an impressive RTP percentage of 96.38%, surpassing the industry average of 96%. This means that players enjoy a distinct advantage whenever they engage with this game. With this generous RTP rate, players who wager €100 can anticipate potential long-term payouts amounting to €96.38.

Wanted Dead or a Wild Bonus Buy option
Wanted Dead or a Wild Bonus Buy option


The slot embraces high volatility, delivering an experience that’s a thrilling rollercoaster ride of risk and reward. This means that while winning combinations may be less frequent, the potential payouts are nothing short of extraordinary. Brace yourself for the excitement of high-stakes gaming, where every spin carries the promise of substantial returns. If you’re the type of player who seeks adrenaline-pumping adventures and the chance for big wins, this high-volatility slot is sure to deliver the heart-pounding action you crave.

Wanted Dead or a Wild Max Win

With a maximum win potential of 12,500x your wager, this slot game offers a remarkably generous payout, exceeding the typical 10,000x multiplier often associated with many Hacksaw Gaming titles. Your path to landing the coveted top prize is paved with enticing bonus features, including multipliers and sticky wilds, which significantly enhance your chances of reaching the pinnacle of winnings.

Analysis of Wanted Dead or a Wild Bonus Buy

In the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot, an exciting opportunity awaits players through the Bonus Buy feature. With this feature, you can instantly access the game’s thrilling extra rounds by making a purchase. Here’s a breakdown of what each bonus entails:

  • The Great Train Robbery: For those seeking immediate action, this option can be purchased for 80x times your stake. It offers an RTP of 96.27% and falls within the category of medium volatility and provides 10 free spins, where wilds become sticky throughout the feature, promising a balanced gaming experience.
  • Duel at Dawn: If you crave the highest level of excitement, the Duel at Dawn option can be yours for 200x your stake. It comes with an RTP of 96.33% and boasts very high volatility. With 10 free spins and an increased presence of VS symbols, this bonus offers the potential for substantial winnings but comes with a heightened risk factor.
  • Dead Man’s Hand: For the boldest players, the Dead Man’s Hand option can be obtained by investing 400x your stake. It boasts an RTP of 96.43% and falls into the high volatility category. With this option, you’ll embark on a thrilling adventure featuring 10 free spins and the chance to uncover significant rewards.
Wanted Dead or a Wild - The Great Train Heist bonus round
Wanted Dead or a Wild – The Great Train Heist bonus round

How to Trigger the Wanted Dead or Wild Bonus Buy

Triggering the Wanted Dead or a Wild Bonus Buy option is a straightforward process. To gain instant access to your preferred free play round, follow these steps:

  1. First, launch the game and ensure you’re in the base game mode.
  2. Look for the “Buy Bonus” button, which is typically prominently displayed on the game interface at the left down corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the “Buy Bonus” button to explore your purchasing options for The Great Train Robbery, Duel at Dawn, or Dead Man’s Hand.
  4. Select the free play round you desire and confirm your choice by following the on-screen prompts.
  5. Upon purchase, you’ll immediately be transported into the chosen bonus round, where excitement and potential rewards await.

Tactics of Application the Wanted Dead or Wild Slot Bonus Buy

When it comes to utilizing the Bonus Buy feature in the slot, adopting a smart approach can enhance your gaming experience and potentially lead to more rewarding outcomes. Here are some tactics to consider:

  1. Bankroll Management: Before engaging the feature, ensure you have a clear budget in mind. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on purchasing a free play round. Stick to your predetermined budget to avoid overspending.
  2. Risk Assessment: Each extra round offers a different level of volatility. Consider your risk tolerance and playing style. If you prefer lower risk and more balanced gameplay, opt for The Great Train Robbery with medium volatility. For those seeking higher risk and potentially larger rewards, Duel at Dawn or Dead Man’s Hand with very high and high volatility, respectively, might be more appealing.
  3. Timing is Key: Pay attention to your gameplay and the balance in your bankroll. It’s essential to choose the right moment to trigger the purchase option. Consider using it when you’re in a position to maximize its potential or when you’ve had a streak of successful spins.
  4. Variety and Experimentation: Don’t limit yourself to one specific extra round. Experiment with different options to explore their unique features and potential rewards. Trying out various bonuses can add variety to your gaming sessions and help you discover which one suits your playing style best.
  5. RTP Awareness: Be aware of the RTP rates associated with each extra option. While the feature can be enticing, it may have a slightly lower RTP compared to regular gameplay. Make an informed decision considering both excitement and potential returns.
  6. Set Win and Loss Limits: Establish clear win and loss limits for your Bonus Buy endeavors. If you reach your predetermined win limit, consider exiting the extra round to secure your profits. Similarly, if you hit your loss limit, it’s advisable to stop and avoid further expenditure.
  7. Practice in Demo Mode: Before diving into real-money extra Buying adventures, practice using the feature in demo mode. This allows you to become familiar with the free play rounds and their mechanics without risking your funds.
Wanted Dead or a Wild - Duel at Dawn bonus round
Wanted Dead or a Wild – Duel at Dawn bonus round

Emblems and Winnings

The slot features a range of symbols, with lower-paying ones including 10, J, Q, K, and A. Matching 5 identical symbols from this group results in a 1x bet win. On the other hand, higher-paying symbols encompass a buffalo skull, an outlaw, a sack of money, a bottle, and a loaded gun cylinder. Achieving 5 of the same symbols from this category can yield impressive rewards, ranging from 5x to 20x the initial bet.

The game incorporates a wild symbol in the form of a sheriff’s badge adorned with the word “Wild”. Landing 5 of these symbols can lead to a 20x bet payout.The wild symbol plays a pivotal role in enhancing your chances of forming winning combinations, as it can substitute for most other symbols on the reels. The only exceptions to its substituting power are the scatter symbols.

Additionally, during spins, players have the chance to encounter VS, The Great Train Robbery, Duel, and Dead scatter symbols. The strategic accumulation of these scatter symbols can activate various exciting bonus features, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Various Features in Wanted Dead or Wild 

Alongside the Bonus Buy feature, this slot game boasts a rich assortment of extra features, with multipliers and sticky Wilds taking center stage. The game offers two unique features, each granting 10 free spins, while a third feature introduces 3 initial spins, leading to an electrifying Showdown that carries the potential for significant payouts.

VS Symbol: Unleash Outlaw Showdowns

The appearance of a VS symbol heralds an exciting showdown in this game. When a VS symbol contributes to a winning combination, it unfurls to cover the entire reel, revealing a dramatic face-off between two outlaws, each armed with varying multipliers. The multiplier of the victorious outlaw is then applied to the entire reel, transforming it into a wild symbol.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. If you happen to land multiple VS symbols, their respective multipliers are combined and applied to your winnings from that line. And if luck truly smiles upon you, filling the entire 5×5 grid with VS symbols turns the entire grid wild.

These showdowns come with a range of potential multipliers, ranging from 2x to a staggering 100x, promising thrilling gameplay and the chance for substantial rewards.

Wanted Dead or a Wild - Dead bonus option
Wanted Dead or a Wild – Dead bonus option

The Great Train Heist Bonus Adventure

Embark on a thrilling adventure triggered by landing three or more Train Robbery symbols during the base game. This initiation leads you into The Great Train Heist bonus round, where you’re granted a generous allocation of 10 free spins. What sets this extra round apart is the mesmerizing feature where any wild symbols that make an appearance remain locked in place throughout the entirety of this unique adventure. With a medium rating in terms of volatility, The Great Train Heist offers the promise of exciting rewards.

Duel at Dawn: A Showdown of Fortunes

For those in search of a more volatile experience, securing three or more Duel symbols triggers the Duel at Dawn bonus. This remarkable feature grants you 10 free spins, each brimming with anticipation. What distinguishes this extra round from the base game is the intensified presence of VS symbols, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement. Brace yourself for a higher level of volatility as you engage in this thrilling Duel at Dawn, where fortunes hang in the balance.

Try Wanted Dead or a Wild Bonus Buy Demo for Free

Exploring the Wanted Dead or a Wild Bonus Buy Demo in a free-play mode offers a multitude of advantages:

  • Familiarize Yourself: The demo allows you to become acquainted with the game’s unique features, extra rounds, and mechanics. You can get comfortable with the Bonus Buy option without any financial risk.
  • Risk-Free Exploration: It’s an ideal way to experiment with various strategies and tactics to understand how the feature works. You can refine your approach before investing real money.
  • Game Overview: The demo serves as a comprehensive introduction to the slot. It provides insights into the game’s theme, graphics, and overall gameplay, helping you decide if it aligns with your preferences.
  • Responsible Gaming: Trying the demo helps you practice responsible gaming by allowing you to gauge your level of excitement and engagement without spending real funds.

Entering the Wanted Dead or a Wild Demo Bonus Buy

You can access the Wanted Dead or a Wild Demo Bonus Buy feature through reputable sources, including:

  1. Reputable Online Casinos: Visit established and licensed online casinos that offer the slot. These platforms often provide a demo mode for players to explore.
  2. Game Overview Sites: Numerous game overview websites provide access to demo versions of popular slots. They offer a convenient way to try out the purchase option for free play and understand the game’s dynamics.
  3. Game Provider’s Official Site: The official website of the game’s provider, in this case, Hacksaw Gaming, may offer a demo version for players to experience. This is a reliable source to access the Bonus Buy feature.
Wanted Dead or a Wild Epic win
Wanted Dead or a Wild Epic win

Mobile Optimization and App Support

Wanted Dead or a Wild is designed with the versatility of HTML5 technology, ensuring seamless compatibility with mobile devices. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS smartphone, there’s no need to download a separate mobile app. Simply open your mobile browser, ensure a stable internet connection, and you’re all set to embark on your Wild West adventure. This mobile optimization allows you to enjoy the game on the go, anytime and anywhere, without the hassle of installations or downloads. Immerse yourself in the action, whether you’re waiting for a train or simply seeking entertainment during a break, and experience the thrill of the slot right at your fingertips.


In the slot, players embark on a captivating Wild West adventure filled with thrilling extra features and the intriguing Bonus Buy option. The ability to harness the power of the Bonus Buy feature adds an element of control and anticipation to the game, allowing players to instantly access exciting free play rounds. Moreover, the availability of a Demo mode ensures that you can explore the game risk-free, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned players and newcomers. With its enticing extra rounds, impressive multipliers, and the opportunity to test the waters in Demo mode, Wanted Dead or a Wild promises an exhilarating gaming experience that blends the best of the Old West with modern excitement.


How can I play the Wanted Dead or a Wild for free?

You can enjoy a free demo version of the slot on reputable online casino websites, game overview platforms, and the official Hacksaw Gaming website.

What is the Bonus Buy feature in Wanted Dead or a Wild?

The feature allows players to purchase instant access to the game’s extra rounds, offering a shortcut to the excitement and potential rewards they offer.

Is the Bonus Buy feature available in Demo mode?

Yes, the extra buying feature is accessible in Demo mode, allowing you to explore its functionality without wagering real money. It is also available when playing with real money on eligible platforms.

How can I trigger the Bonus Buy option?

To trigger the extra purchase option, simply click on the “Buy Bonus” button while playing the game for real money on eligible casino platforms.

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